Lindsey Graham tried to fundraise for Trump on Fox News hours after the former president was indicted: 'Give the man some money so he can fight!'

A picture of Donald Trump with an American flag pin next to a picture of Sen. Lindsey Graham in a shirt and tie.
Sen. Lindsey Graham thrice called for viewers to visit former President Donald Trump's donation page.Brandon Bell/Getty Images and Stefani Reynolds - Pool/Getty Images
  • Lindsey Graham tried to raise funds for Donald Trump just after the former president was indicted.

  • Graham told Fox News viewers to donate to Trump and "give the man some money" to fight the case.

  • During the interview, Graham also said the New York indictment of Trump was "legal voodoo."

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham tried to raise money for former President Donald Trump's 2024 campaign just hours after the latter was indicted by a New York grand jury on Thursday.

"But you need to help this man, Donald J. Trump, they're trying to drain him dry. He's spent more money on lawyers than most people spend on campaigns," said Graham, a longtime Trump ally, in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity.

Graham thrice called for viewers to visit Trump's fundraising page.

", go tonight, give the president some money to fight this bullshit," Graham said, urging Trump's supporters to "fight back at the ballot box."

"If you believe Donald Trump is being treated poorly and wrongly, stand up and help him and pray for our country, pray for him. Go to and give money so he can defend himself," Graham said later.

"Give the man some money so he can fight," Graham added on a third occasion, again mentioning Trump's website.

In the interview, Graham joined hardline GOP figures in blasting Trump's indictment, which is linked to a 2016 election-eve hush-money payment made to the adult-film actor Stormy Daniels.

The senator called the case "legal voodoo" and "political persecution" that will "fall like a cheap suit under legal scrutiny." Graham also cast doubt on the testimony of Michael Cohen, Trump's one-time personal lawyer and fixer. Cohen previously admitted to paying $130,000 to Daniels just before the 2016 election to stop her from saying she had an affair with Trump in 2006.

Trump was indicted by a New York grand jury on Thursday.

Trump is no stranger to fundraising off his legal woes

The indictment comes as the former president is making a run for the White House in 2024.

Trump's campaign also has a history of aggressively soliciting donations whenever he's faced with legal trouble. After Trump falsely predicted that he would get arrested on March 14, the Trump campaign sent multiple fundraising emails calling for contributions. Trump fans then sent the former president $1.5 million within three days.

The announcement of his indictment has triggered a tidal wave of fundraising messages from other politicians on both sides of the aisle, The New York Times reported.

Trump's campaign jumped in on the action by debuting a white T-shirt that says: "I stand with Trump" on Thursday evening. The shirt was touted in an email to supporters seen by Insider, as a reward for donating $47 to Trump's campaign "until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT."

Other GOP figures — including Missouri senator Josh Hawley and the National Republican Congressional Committee — are also cashing in on the indictment, per The Times. The Democratic Governors Association and multiple Democrat PACs have sent out their own donation requests since Trump's indictment, The Times reported.

A representative for Graham did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment sent outside regular business hours.

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