Listen to Smokingskul’s “Opp Click”: The Ones

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Smokingskul: “Opp Click”

Yesterday, I was on the internet reading about how damaging years of listening to music at max volume could be for your ears in the long run. For about five minutes I was in panic mode, because I have definitely been doing that all my life, and then I quickly forgot about it and played Smokingskul’s “Opp Click” with the volume maxed the fuck out. Trust me, it’s necessary. The three producers (tdf, perc40, and Jake Hansen) have never met a knob they wouldn’t turn until they couldn’t anymore, and their beat is almost as abrasive as an Amber alert. Meanwhile Smokingskul is shouting a load of nonsense into the mic (“Mohawak like the Miz”), which is sort of the only way not to get drowned out. To listen to “Opp Click” at a healthy decibel level would be a disservice.

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Originally Appeared on Pitchfork