Lizzo and Chris Evans Had the Best Interaction on Instagram

Emily Dixon
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Lizzo and Chris Evans Had the Best Interaction on Instagram
  • Lizzo and Chris Evans had an excellent Instagram interaction, which Lizzo documented on TikTok.

  • In her first video, Lizzo revealed she shot her shot in a drunk DM to Evans.

  • In a second, she shared his reply: "No shame in a drunk DM," he wrote. "God knows I've done worse on this app lol."

As someone who has sent her fair share of earnest texts of an evening and only ever received thoroughly mortifying responses, I'm delighted by Lizzo and Chris Evans' recent Instagram exchange, which started with Lizzo sending Evans a drunk DM and ended with Evans poking fun at his own social media mishaps. Allow me to walk you through it!

Over the weekend, Lizzo shared a TikTok video in which she revealed her drunk DM to Evans, comprising three emojis: wind, a handball player, and a basketball, a pictorial expression of shooting her shot. In the video, Lizzo lipsyncs to audio from TikTok star @therealtati, saying, "The reason I’m upset about this one is because I know I’m not going to be able to marry him. And honestly, it hurts me to the core. Because, damn papa, he a rare breed, no comparing. Like, Chris!"

"Don’t drink and DM, kids.... for legal porpoises this is a joke," Lizzo captioned the video, which revealed that neither she nor Evans followed each other at the time.

Then, in a second video, a thrilling update: Lizzo revealed that Evans had not only followed her, but responded to her DM. "No shame in a drunk DM," he responded, with a kissing face emoji. "God knows I've done worse on this app lol." While he didn't specify, it's likely Evans was referring to the nude photo he accidentally shared last year; speaking on the Tamron Hall Show, he said, "Things happen, and it's embarrassing. You have to roll with the punches."

Lizzo was elated by Evans' response, she shared in the second TikTok, which she captioned, "BITCH." May this go down in history as the most successful drunk DM of all time, and may the history books generously ignore all of my significantly less successful efforts!

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