Loki season 2 first look explains where the series takes place in MCU's timeline

tom hiddleston, loki, season 2
Loki s2 first look reveals MCU timeline placeDisney+

Loki spoilers follow.

A first look at the second season of Loki has revealed where the story fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The first scenes for the new season were premiered as part of Disney’s D23 event, with the action picking up immediately after the events of season one finale (via Screen Rant).

The clip sees the titular God of Mischief (Tom Hiddleston) and Mobius (Owen Wilson) escaping the TVA, with the pair being chased by agents as they seek to evade their enemies.

tom hiddleston, owen wilson, loki season 2 official trailer

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The teaser ends with Loki encountering multiple versions of himself, a consequence of the numerous time loops at play.

With the first season taking place during the events of 2012’s The Avengers, the second season can be roughly placed to the same period.

The first trailer already promises lots of time travelling, so it seems the MCU timeline won’t be impacted too much, with the past, present and future all being visited by our core characters.

Ahead of the second season’s premiere next month, Wunmi Mosaku recently revealed that filming the follow-up was more nerve-wracking given the success of the debut season.

loki, season 2 official trailer

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“It was just really nice coming back. It's very rare for me to come back to a show,” she said. “I think I've only ever come back to Vera, and I only came back for one episode.

“To come back to season two to see everybody and be like, 'Oh, we did this' - that was really fun. That was just really new. I felt a little bit more nervous [for season two]. I hope we live up to season one, because that obviously went down well,” she added.

Loki season 1 is streaming on Disney+. Season 2 will premiere on October 6.

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