Long Live Phaedra Parks On 'The Traitors'

Phaedra Parks in
Phaedra Parks in "The Traitors." Euan Cherry/Peacock

“The Traitors” might be the most interesting competitive reality show on right now.

The show takes a group of reality stars and famous folks and places them in a castle in Scotland to compete for a prize fund. The twist is that among the main cast are “traitors,” deceitful players manipulating non-traitors, or “faithfuls.” That in itself is enough to sell me on watching the show, but one cast member had me hooked week after week.

This show, which airs on Peacock, was made for Phaedra Parks. For 10 episodes, Parks has masterfully played the game and reminded viewers why we love seeing her on our screens so much. The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has, hands down, been the best traitor Season 2 has seen. And though she doesn’t win it all this season, I make a case on this week’s episode of “I Know That’s Right” for why she should’ve come out on top.

For weeks, each time a contestant made an argument for Parks — who’s also a new cast member on Bravo’s “Married to Medicine” — being a traitor, she showed them why it’s not smart to go toe-to-toe with her.

That was proved when fellow traitors ― “Big Brother” winner Dan Gheesling and “Survivor” star Parvati Shallow ― at risk of banishment, turned on Parks. They were both voted out.

Then it was proved again most recently when “The Bachelor” star Peter Weber, known as “King of the Faithfuls,” organized a campaign to rally the remaining house members to vote Parks out of the castle. Parks walked Weber’s accusations down like the lawyer she is — and she cut every opponent with razor-sharp one-liners and comebacks.

Parks maintained her cool the entire game and managed to talk her way out of elimination until right before the finale.

Parks might not have won the game, but she’s definitely made the biggest impression on “The Traitors.”

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