Look: Dog caught behind the wheel of speeding car in Slovakia

Police in Šterusy, Slovakia, shared a traffic camera image that appeared to show a dog behind the wheel of a speeding car. Photo courtesy of Polícia Slovenskej republiky/Facebook

Oct. 3 (UPI) -- Police in Slovakia shared a traffic camera photo of a dog sitting behind the wheel of a speeding car.

Police said in a Facebook post that the image was captured by a traffic camera in the village of Šterusy and officers stopped the Skoda car to investigate.

Police joked in the post that the brown dog was on the lookout for deer and officers ruined its hunting plans for the day.

The 31-year-old owner of the car -- who was the actual driver -- told police the dog had unexpectedly jumped behind the wheel while he was driving, but police said they suspect the man was allowing the large dog to ride on his lap.

The post urged drivers to make sure dogs and other pets are properly restrained while riding in moving vehicles to avoid dangerous situations.