‘We All Look the Same’: Misconceptions About Latina Beauty Addressed in New Campaign

Actress Georgina Morillo and other beauty influencers of the Orgullosa campaign are shutting down stereotypes about Latina beauty. (Photo: Orgullosa)

There are many misconceptions associated with Latina beauty, and Proctor & Gamble’s Orgullosa community is pushing the conversation further in debunking stereotypes with its latest campaign.

For this dynamic initiative, P&G tapped Shadowhunters star Emeraude Toubia to assist Orgullosa (which means proud in English) in revealing its docu-style series, which highlights how beauty influencers Hiliana Devila, Ada Rojos, and actress Georgina Morillo celebrate their culture and honor their own diverse beauty.

Each of the influencers has a different body shape, hair type, and skin color — showcasing the diversity of Latina beauty.

The campaign’s video begins with the influencers calling out common-themed stereotypes associated with Latina beauty, such as, “in the media a lot, we all look the same,” “we’re just these sex symbols,” and “we’re just here for the help, like we’re maids.”

As the video continues, Devila says, “We embrace our beauty, and I feel like embracing our beauty sometimes is intimidating to others.” She then breaks down the significant meaning behind the pride that many of them carry. “It’s pride, it’s us representing where we come from, it’s not to show off.” Another influencer chimes in, “You can’t be like anyone else. You can only be you.”

“Our program’s long-standing relationship and commitment to accurately portray Latinas starts with understanding their aspirations and motivations,” said Courtney Tomljanovic, brand manager for Orgullosa, in a statement. “We have created and fostered a one-of-a-kind forum for Latinas to share and discuss the proud journey of being a Latina in the U.S. Orgullosa is an organic extension of the current relationships that our individual brands have with the Latina consumer, evolving to establish a broader and ongoing dialogue across the many areas in which P&G products touch their lives.”

In addition to the brand’s main campaign video including all the influencers, each influencer also starred in a breakout video to share her own personal journey to embrace her own natural beauty.

For Rojas’s “Breaking Latina Stereotypes” video, she opened up about how she ended up damaging her natural curl pattern because she was always straightening it. Initially, she enjoyed the attention and social acceptance she received from her straightened hair, but eventually she was left with damaged strands. Rojas decided to transition back to her naturally curly roots, but it wasn’t the easiest process, as she had to cut a lot of it off. “It was my ugly-duckling phase,” she says. But once Rojas’s natural curls grew back, a pivotal moment happened that helped her reconnect with her inner self. “I learned that the beauty wasn’t in the end result. It was more in the journey, and this person that I grew and became, trying to get my curls back.”

The Orgullosa community is showing that Latina beauty is diverse and beautiful. (Photo: Orgullosa)

Orgullosa’s new campaign is truly raising the bar and setting the standard when it comes to Latina beauty. Join the conversation and learn more about the powerful stories being told by following #WeAreOrgullosa on social media.

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