'The Ultimatum's Lisa And Brian Just Shared Their Baby's Name 👀

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Are 'The Ultimatum' S2's Lisa And Brian Together?Netflix

Netflix’s hit series The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is literally built for maximum drama. After all, the show is premised on the idea that one person in a couple issues an ultimatum to their partner, telling them to either propose or take a hike. But the series' second season is proving even more dramatic than usual, thanks to contestants Lisa Horne and Brian Okoye. Two more episodes, the finale and reunion, just dropped on Aug. 30, and Lisa and Brian decided to make a quick appearance at the reunion to let everyone know how they were doing.

As a quick recap, in case you’re fuzzy on how the show works, couples taking part in The Ultimatum break up with their current partner and are paired with new partners from other couples. The new duo then go through a “trial marriage” together—moving in and acting like husband and wife—for three weeks. After that, they’re reunited with their original partner and do the same thing with them for another three weeks. After all of that, the original couples have to decide if they want to get engaged or break up for good.

As viewers quickly learn in season 2, Lisa and Brian are have a huge, blow-up fight that involves a lot of intense moments, curse words, shouting, and storming off. They actually both end up leaving the show by episode 2, before completing the full experience. And from what the audience sees, it definitely does *not* seem like these two are made to last, so people are curious to know what happened to these two after the cameras stopped rolling.

Ahead, read all about these two contestants, their relationship, and where they are now.

Who are Lisa Horne and Brian Okoye?

Lisa and Brian are one of five couples who signed up for The Ultimatum's second season. Lisa is a 32-year-old vice president of clinical services and Brian is a 29-year-old financial analyst, according to Netflix.

Lisa and Brian's relationship apparently started out as a casual hookup but, after six months, Lisa told Brian he needed to commit or they were done. Now, Lisa says it’s time for Brian to decide if he’s ready to get married. She tells viewers that she's reached a point where she wants to settle down, but Brian, as Netflix explains, is “hesitant to pop the question due to Lisa’s jealousy issues and her tendency to turn disagreements into explosive arguments.” This is definitely interesting given how things unfold onscreen in the first few episodes.

“Brian loves how Lisa pushes him to be the best version of himself, while it means the everything to Lisa to see her 10-year-old daughter bond with Brian,” the Netflix summary reads.

What happens during episode 1?

A lot, actually. Brian starts flirting with contestant Riah Nelson, who is also not ready to commit to her boyfriend, Trey, during two of the "dating" scenes. They first hit it off at the pool, then later, at a bar, she tells everyone that she's most interested in Brian so far. Lisa gets very upset about the whole thing and takes it all personally.

When Brian and Riah go off to chat at the bar and get to know each other more, Lisa comes over and interrupts their conversation. A huge fight erupts. There are tons of expletives thrown around (along with some insults), and Lisa actually slaps Brian, at one point yelling, “F— you, I’m done," before storming away from the bar. Brian stays calm the entire time, but is still upset and confused. He goes back to the group and tries to continue the experiment.

They leave The Ultimatum early.

After all that drama, it doesn't really come as a surprise that during a dinner date (where contestants are supposed to pick their new match-up partner) co-host Nick Lachey tells the other contestants that Lisa and Brian decide to leave the experiment early. He also notes that the couple decided not to come explain face-to-face with the other contestants.

Lisa is pregnant.

As it turns out, Lisa has revealed to Brian that she’s pregnant, which changes everything for the couple. The producers show some footage of Brian coming to her room, and she tells him she's having his baby. While he seems totally shocked at first, he slowly comes around to the idea and the two spend a lot of time kissing and hugging. They don't get engaged right then and there, but they do decide that they are done with the experiment.

“I had expectations coming into this experience that is ultimately going to end with Brian getting down on one knee,” Lisa says during an aside. “You don’t just get married or get engaged just because you’re pregnant, but I would hope it makes him realize a little bit more that ‘you’re the woman I want to build a life with,’ so why am I also not the woman you want to put a ring on her finger?’”

Are Lisa and Brian still together?

Yup, Lisa and Brian are still together, but they're not engaged yet. Lisa is still waiting for Brian to "put a ring on it," as she says. They show up at the reunion together, and are really protective and loving on each other the entire time. The couple also shares that Lisa gave birth to a baby boy named Mason seven weeks ago. Of course, Nick and Vanessa Lachey are quick to provide the requisite silver Ultimatum sippy cup and pacifier in congratulations. Cue a montage of cute baby pics.

The couple also did a big interview with People Magazine after the first eight episode aired. "I don't have any regrets in regards to how it worked out, especially with the pregnancy because that has been an amazing journey in itself," Lisa told People in a recent interview. "Of course, I have regrets of how certain things unfolded... just my reaction in regards to the cocktail party and how that unfolded. Obviously that is the only regret I have."

Is Lisa really pregnant?

Yep! As mentioned, she gave birth to baby Mason this summer. Lisa, of course, teased everyone with a coy Instagram post captioned, “Where’s the baby Lisaaaaaa?? 😂😂" next to a photo of her looking distinctly not pregnant at the Netflix premiere.

So...stay tuned for more info and pics of a little Okoye!

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