Lottery player sticks with same numbers for years. This time ‘the magic happened’

A random set of numbers proved lucky for a Maryland man, and years later, it has earned him an even bigger prize, lottery officials say.

While out with friends a few years ago, Nicholas Shreve decided to play a couple lottery Keno games with a random combination of numbers he chose, according to a Nov. 14 Maryland Lottery news release. Those numbers ended up winning Shreve some money, and now a few years later, he’s taking home a $50,000 prize thanks to his lucky combination.

The 52-year-old continued to use his lucky numbers, winning some more money every now and then, according to lottery officials. Shreve said in the release that he only throws his special lottery numbers into the mix when he gets “a lucky feeling.”

That feeling hit Shreve while stopping to buy some gas in Forest Hill, the release said, so he purchased a seven-spot Keno ticket that would apply to three drawings. On top of his seven spots, he added on a multiplier, Shreve told lottery officials.

The father of four tuned in for the first drawing to see if he won, the release said. But he struck out, so he turned off the video, lottery officials said.

Shreve had forgotten about his ticket until later in the day, the release said. So, the packing engineer decided to take a peek on his phone.

What he saw pop up on his lottery app screen completely shocked him, the release said.

“I checked the ticket using the app on my phone and that’s when the magic happened,” Shreve said, per the release. “It was unbelievable, so I closed out the app and then reopened it to scan a second time.”

The message he received on his app confirmed that Shreve did indeed win $50,000 — and the first person he had to tell was his wife, according to lottery officials. After excitingly showing her the prize, he pulled up the Maryland Lottery’s website to watch the video showing the drawing for his ticket, the release said.

“I had to watch the game,” Shreve said in the release. “I wanted to see my numbers actually coming out.”

After bringing home his prize money, Shreve told lottery officials he will use some for a family trip, and the rest will go into a savings account.

Forest Hill is about 30 miles northeast of Baltimore.

Many people can gamble or play games of chance without harm. However, for some, gambling is an addiction that can ruin lives and families.

If you or a loved one shows signs of gambling addiction, you can seek help by calling the national gambling hotline at 1-800-522-4700 or visiting the National Council on Problem Gambling website.

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