Lourdes Leon isn’t afraid to rock her armpit hair (and neither are these other celebs)

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon was recently spotted with friends on a beach in Miami; the 20-year-old was rocking a tiny black bikini — but it was her unshaven armpits that had people talking. The paps caught a few shots of Leon’s hairy pits as she shielded the sun from her eyes, so it was less of an obvious display of armpit hair flaunting and more a show of body confidence.

Still, the trolls came out with a vengeance and dished some anti-body-hair venom on social media. “Shave them pits girl,” one commenter wrote on the Just Jared’s Instagram page. “Is that a new trend? Cuz I’m not in,” said another.

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And yet, Lourdes had a hoard of supporters:

“Why are we still stuck in this mind set where people think that women are not equal to men and shouldn’t have equal opportunities,” one young female commented about the photos on Instagram. “I am proud that now in the future I may be able to get the same job that a man may get, but it is people like you (re: trolls) who hold me back from that future.”

“OMG it’s just hair,” another commented. “If she does not want to she does not have to shave it. Why is it perfectly fine for men to have hair on their bodies but women cannot ?!?!”

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But it makes you wonder — why is there a social media debate about this to begin with?

Click through the gallery to see other strong female celebs who’ve embraced their underarm hair.

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