You’ve Probably Been Eating Peanut Butter Wrong All This Time

Turn your peanut butter upside down, says lifestyle website (Rex)

The world of peanut butter has been turned upside down.

An astonishing claim has been made that thousands of peanut butter lovers worldwide may have been storing their favourite tasty treat all wrong.

Instead of putting it in the fridge or cupboard like other jars, you should be turning it upside down when you finish with it.

Lifestyle website PureWow says the jar should be put away on its head in order to keep the peanut butter fresh.

If you do that, the oils in the butter are evenly distributed, but if you stand it up in the traditional way, all the oil collects at the top of the jar.

‘Store that puppy upside down and the oils will evenly distribute all the way through, every single time,’ said the website.

It may seem like a trivial point, but peanut butter is big business.

Peanut butter is multi-million industry (Rex)

Americans are the biggest eaters of peanut butter and consume $800 million worth of the sticky treat each year.

The US even has a national peanut butter day - January 24, if you are interested.

Despite that, they were not the first people to eat peanut butter, that honour goes all the way back to the Aztecs, ocated in what we know now as central Mexico around the 14th century.

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