‘Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez’ Reality Show Trailer: Wrestlers Navigate Careers and Family Pressure | Exclusive

WWE has found success with reality shows exploring the romantic lives of their pro wrestling stars, from “Total Bellas” to “Miz & Mrs.” The latest take on this formula comes with Hulu’s “Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez” — you can see the trailer’s exclusive debut above ahead of it dropping Feb. 2. It follows married pro wrestlers Bianca Belair (real name Bianca Blair) and Montez Ford (real name Kenneth Crawford).

“We’re so excited for the world to finally get a glimpse into our life outside of the WWE ring,” Belair and Ford told TheWrap in a statement.

The unscripted series doesn’t get too real, as it maintains much of the faux reality of wrestling and the idea that wrestlers don’t know what’s going to happen. But you can see the couple’s real chemistry as they make their way through both personal lives and their careers.

The show tracks the run-up to 2023’s WrestleMania, with Belair going into the event as the WWE Raw Women’s Champion and Ford in a lower-tier non-championship tag-team match. The first episode sees them dealing with Belair experiencing more success at that point in their careers, with Ford expressing his frustration over not getting more time in the annual Royal Rumble match and not yet being seen as a breakout star.

“Bianca is the bread-winning, type-A perfectionist and Montez, the playful and magnetic leading man,” the show’s synopsis reads. “The more their careers take off, the heavier the demands of their inner circle and more difficult it is for them to dedicate time to their relationship.”

The series also explores what it’s like for Ford coming back from an injury, as well as pressure from those around them to have children together. Belair is stepmother to two children Ford has from a previous relationship.

All episodes of “Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez” drop Feb. 2 on Hulu.

The series is produced by WWE and Wheelhouse’s Spoke Studios. Chris Kaiser and Kevin Dunn executive produced for WWE. Dunn recently left the company. Pam Healey, Will Nothacker, Liz Fine, Russ Friedman and Jayson Elmore are the show’s executive producers for Spoke.

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