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Lululemon's newest belt bag has a built-in hand warmer — and it's perfect for winter

Here's why Lululemon's new belt bag deserves a spot on your Christmas wish list.

split screen of white lululemon quilted belt bag with hand warmer and women in blue jacket wear black belt bag
Lululemon's newest belt bag features a hand warmer pocket, so it's perfect for winter (photos via Lululemon)

In the winter months, an accessory can't just be cute — it has to be practical. Considering we are about to enter the coldest months of the year, it's time to prioritize winter boots, temperature-rated jackets and accessories that keep your fingers warm, like this newly-launched hand-warmer belt bag from Lululemon.

Quilted Grid Belt Bag Hand Warmer 1.5L

Quilted Grid Belt Bag Hand Warmer 1.5L in black.

$84 at Lululemon

The newest member of Lululemon's ever-growing Belt Bag collection, the retailer's hand-warmer belt bag is perfectly suited for winters in the Great White North.

The 1.5-litre bag features a fleece-lined sleeve to tuck away chilly hands when the weather turns bleak. Like Lululemon's other belt bags, the Quilted Grid Belt Bag Hand Warmer has an adjustable strap, an exterior zippered pocket and interior pockets to store your valuables.

Quilted Grid Belt Bag Hand Warmer 1.5L in white opal.

$84 at Lululemon

As the winter-friendly belt bag is a new arrival, reviewers have yet to voice their opinions. However, Lululemon fans are notoriously passionate about their belt bags, dubbing the brand's Everywhere Belt Bag the "best bag ever."

Whether you scoop up one of the retailer's new quilted hand-warmer belt bags or opt for a different style, a Lululemon Belt Bag will be a surefire hit under the Christmas tree or as your new everyday staple. To shop some of the retailer's most sought-after accessories ahead of the holiday season, scroll below.

10 best Lululemon Belt Bags for Christmas 2023

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Shop the Everywhere Belt Bag 1L in 15 colours.

$44 at Lululemon

Everywhere Belt Bag Large 2L Wunder Puff in Rhino Grey.

$74 at Lululemon

Everywhere Belt Bag 1L Wunder Puff in white.

$64 at Lululemon

Everywhere Belt Bag 1L Fleece.

$39 at Lululemon

Mini Belt Bag in Sonic Pink/Red Merlot.

$38 at Lululemon

Everywhere Belt Bag Large 2L in Deep Luxe.

$52 at Lululemon

Everywhere Belt Bag 1L Fleece in White Opal/Gold.

$64 at Lululemon

Clean Lines Belt Bag 2L in White Opal.

$64 at Lululemon

Team Canada Future Legacy Mini Belt Bag in Lemon Vibe/Light Ivory/White Opal.

$38 at Lululemon

All Day Essentials Belt Bag 2.5L in Trench/Brown Earth.

$52 at Lululemon

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