Luton 1-1 Liverpool: 'Tragedy chanting fans should be ashamed,' says Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Klopp joined Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag in March in calling for an end to tragedy chanting

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said anyone involved in "tragedy chanting" should be ashamed of themselves.

Ex-Reds defender Jamie Carragher accused a section of Luton fans of chants that indirectly referenced the Hillsborough disaster during Sunday's 1-1 draw.

Klopp, who said he did not hear the chants himself, commented: "Shame on everyone who said it."

Carragher told Sky Sports: "We're better than that."

Klopp has previously spoken out against tragedy chanting between rival supporters, and in July the Football Association issued a new charter outlining rules for dealing with the problem.

It followed the arrest of a Manchester United supporter at last season's FA Cup final for wearing a shirt that mocked the victims of Hillsborough.

The Football Supporters' Association (FSA) said the chants heard during the second half of the Premier League draw at Kenilworth Road were "totally unacceptable".

"Tragedy chanting reared its head again yesterday," the FSA said on Monday. "Just because something horrible was chanted in the past, it doesn't give anyone a free pass to sing something horrible years later. Let's all draw a line in the sand."

Carragher said on Sky Sports: "At the start of the season I was involved in something with supporters coming together about tragedy chanting.

"I've just heard that a couple of times in this game. As supporters, you've got to have rivalry, there is no doubt. But we're better than that.

"It's happened two or three times in the game. All clubs have been guilty of that over the years at different times. But the world we live in right now, I think we're better than that."

Liverpool earned a dramatic point five minutes into added time when substitute Luis Diaz cancelled out Tahith Chong's 80th-minute goal for Luton.