I’m a Celebrity South Africa final – live: Myleene Klass wins after vomiting in gruelling last trial

The grand final of I’m a Celebrity... South Africa is upon us.

After three weeks of camping and challenges, the all-stars spinoff will crown its first-ever “I’m a Celebrity Legend” tonight (12 May).

Singer Myleene Klass, athlete Fatima Whitbread, dancer Jordan Banjo and cricketer Phil Tufnell make up the final four, but all their former campmates are being brought back for the closing episode to carry out the horrible task of booting one of them out.

Other celebrities to appear in this series, which is made up of stars from across the flagship show’s history, have included Carol Vorderman, Shaun Ryder and Amir Khan.

Ant and Dec have been back on presenting duties.

There has been no public vote throughout this series, because it is not filmed live.

In tonight’s final, there will be two trials that will ultimately decide who will be named the first-ever “Legend”.

Follow updates on the final below...

Key points

The first-ever ‘I’m a Celeb legend’ is... Myleene Klass!!

22:29 , Tom Murray

She’s done it folks!! After vomiting at the end of the trial, Klass has come out on top.

The singer, 45, who originally appeared in the sixth season in her mid-twenties, said: “I feel so happy. Honestly, it was really hard to come away from your family this time around… this time, I’m a mum, but with that you get a superpower, because you know that you’ve got three little sets of eyes watching you.”

22:17 , Tom Murray

Myleene is just all in, folks. She’s going for all 40 spoonfuls of rotten something-or-other.

Every spoon looks like a gastronomic marathon. No one has any idea how (or why) she’s doing this.

22:12 , Tom Murray

All Jordan can do is shake his head as musician Myleene Klass puts away 60 (60!) mousetails.

All square after six rounds

22:10 , Tom Murray

Jordan makes it 3-3! Next up, mouse tails...

3-2 to Myleene!

22:08 , Tom Murray

Myleene takes the lead after round five.

22:00 , Tom Murray

Myleene pips it! It’s all level at two-two with five rounds left...

21:59 , Tom Murray

Another one! Jordan won the impala showdown and now both stars have said they can finish three pig snouts. Who will be fastest? They’re big snouts...

21:57 , Tom Murray

5 impala eyes a piece! We’ve got ourselves a showdown!

21:55 , Tom Murray

Anyone else gone off their dinner? Anyone?

Final trial revealed

21:49 , Tom Murray

This is it! The last trial is called “All You Can Stomach”. They must write down the number of disgusting items they think they can eat in five minutes. If they manage it, they’ll win a point. If they fail, their opponent will win a point.

We’ve got nine rounds of this!!

And then there were two...

21:30 , Tom Murray

Since Fatima Whitbread has no concept of time, the final two contests are Jordan Banjo and Myleene Klass! We’re almost there folks...

We could be here a while...

21:26 , Tom Murray

They only had to have the glass boxes on their heads for 6 minutes! Fatima is refusing to tap out. They hit the full limit at 15 minutes.

“Fats you must have fallen asleep!” He says.

There’s no time for a shower – the final three are off to the next trial!

21:14 , Tom Murray

That was quick! None of the three were expecting to be called straight off to a trial. The penultimate trial will see them compete against each other. The loser will be eliminated and the final two will progress to one last trial to decide the winner of the series.

And the last finalist is... Fatima Whitbread!

21:11 , Tom Murray

This means former King of the Jungle Phil Tufnell is out. Aww, Tuffers, he’s taken it like a champ.

Myleene Klass is in!

21:10 , Tom Murray

Jordan Banjo is the first finalist to go through

21:09 , Tom Murray

Paul Burrell announces the three contestants out of the remaining four who will go through to the final.

The first is... Jordan!

We’re off!

21:06 , Tom Murray

Thanks for joining us here as we follow along with the I’m a Celebrity... South Africa final LIVE!

We’ll be bringing you all the biggest moments from the jam-packed final show as three campmates will compete for the title of jungle Legend.

Where is it filmed in South Africa?

20:39 , Tom Murray

It’s filmed in the “harsher and more unforgiving” environment of South Africa’s Kruger National Park, with the contestants facing challenges “even bigger and tougher” than before. Read more here.

When did the South Africa cast first appear on the show

19:36 , Tom Murray

Among the contestants to return to the special all-star series were winners, finalists and even early exiters who made an impression on the jungle.

The Independent has put together a list of all the contestants this year and a reminder of their first times in the jungle.

When were the I’m a Celebrity South Africa cast last on the show?

Is there a public vote?

18:45 , Tom Murray

Because the show has been pre-recorded, there is no public vote.

At the end of the last episode, we saw all the evicted campmates from the series come back to select the final three.

Once the three have been selected, they’ll face one last test to determine who will be the first Legend of the jungle.

Why isn’t 'I’m a Celebrity... South Africa’ filmed live?

18:06 , Tom Murray

The normal series of I’m a Celeb airs live with viewers watching the campmates’ reactions as Ant and Dec reveal who’s leaving the show each week.

However, this special, all-stars edition was pre-recorded. It was revealed last April that this season was filmed as a back-up in case Covid restrictions meant the crew couldn’t return to Australia as normal.

Filming for the South Africa series took place in July 2022.

Read more:

Why I’m a Celebrity South Africa isn’t filmed live like regular series

Who has left the competition so far?

17:32 , Tom Murray

11 celebrities have left the camp ahead of tonight’s final.

The four finalists remaining are singer Myleene Klass, athlete Fatima Whitbread, dancer Jordan Banjo and cricketer Phil Tufnell.

Need a reminder of the celebs we’ve loved and lost? Here they all are and the order in which they were knocked out.

Paul Burrell – Episode 14

Carol Vorderman – Episode 14

Helen Flanagan – Episode 13

Dean Gaffney – Episode 13

Joe Swash – Episode 12

Georgia Toffollo – Episode 11

Andy Whyment – Episode 11

Janice Dickinson – Episode 11

Amir Khan – Episode 7

Gillian McKeith – Episode 5

Shaun Ryder – Episode 5

A look back at one of Fatima Whitbread’s emotional moments on this series

16:05 , Ellie Harrison

The athlete reflected on her difficult childhood. Read more here...

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When was Jordan Banjo last on the show?

15:10 , Ellie Harrison

Here’s a rundown of the dancer’s career and history on the ITV show

Who is I’m a Celebrity South Africa contestant Jordan Banjo?

What we know about finalist Myleene Klass

14:11 , Ellie Harrison

Read all about the singer’s I’m a Celeb history and career here...

Who is I’m a Celebrity South Africa contestant Myleene Klass?

Janice Dickinson was forced to quit the show

13:00 , Ellie Harrison

She had to leave after an on-set incident. Find out more below...

Janice Dickinson out of I’m a Celebrity after on-set accident sends her to hospital

What will happen after last night’s cliffhanger?

12:01 , Ellie Harrison

Thursday’s penultimate episode featured a new twist, as the celebrities who exited the series earlier in its run (including Andy Whyment, Janice Dickinson, Amir Khan, Georgia “Toff” Toffolo and Joe Swash) were brought back to the jungle and told to pick which contestant would be kicked out, whittling the four remaining contestants down to a “final three”.

At the end of the episode, they selected an unlucky victim. However, before the result was revealed, the end credits started to roll – meaning fans will have to tune into the final to find out who made it out of the semi...

I’m a Celebrity viewers complain as semi-final ends on ‘pointless’ cliffhanger