Magical Lip Reading: What Lipsology Can Tell You About Your Future

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In this installment of Practical Magic, Lisa Stardust explores the magical art of lip reading, called lipsology. Always remember that magic is for believers, but this column can also simply serve as a guide to getting in touch with yourself — magically or not.

Kisses are not only physical expressions of desire that hold can a special meaning, but they can also have a deeper connection to our personality and soul. Our lip prints can contain hints about our DNA, but according to a magical tenet called lipsology, they can also reveal insights into our emotions, energy levels, and personality.

Lipsology is the practice of reading lip prints — or interpreting the impressions left by our lips when we kiss a piece of paper with lipstick on. This practice can help us connect with ourselves and others on a more profound level. Like any esoteric reading, lipsology has levels that require learning and growth to gain a deeper understanding, but if you want to get started in seeing what your lips have to say, below is a basic guide to lip reading — the magical kind!

To start, apply lipstick or a tinted lip balm. If you choose to use a balm, kiss clear glass, a mirror, or a cup instead of paper to avoid smudging. For those who prefer lipstick, pucker up to a white tissue, napkin or piece of paper. The lipstick color that makes you feel most bold and confident is the perfect shade for you. Some people find that wearing a bold red color boosts your self-esteem, while others prefer a softer pink shade to celebrate self-love. Ultimately, the best lipstick color for you is the one that makes you feel the most empowered.

Once you've imprinted your lips onto whatever surface makes sense, take a look at the resulting image and note any distinguishing features, such as the darkness or lightness of the print, the shape of your mouth (triangular or round), and whether or not your lips were open or closed when you made the print. All of these shapes will help you assess your personality.

How to interpret your lip prints:


First, take a look at what shape your lips make on the paper. This can tell you a bit about your personality.

If your mouth makes a triangular shape, this means that you hold the power in any situation you enter. You exceed in endeavors that contribute to the growth and development of others. Providing advice comes naturally to you, since people look up to you for direction. Basically, you're a leader.

If your lip print makes a more rounded shape, you have a kind and empathetic personality and you prioritize understanding and supporting those around you. You value harmony and strive to maintain positive relationships with your loved ones. Helping others comes naturally to you, as you find joy in giving to others through your compassionate nature.


This references how dark the imprint you left is, not the color lipstick you used. Did you lightly kiss the paper? Or did you really smack your lips against it? This can help determine your attitude.

If the lipstick leaves a dark hue after its imprint, your energy and vitality make you a force to be reckoned with. You tackle life with enthusiasm and gusto. The world is your oyster and you want to explore and experience all that it has to offer.

If the lipstick leaves a lighter print on the paper, it suggests that you have a relaxed and chilled-out attitude towards things. However, there might be instances where you could be too easygoing, and your energy levels may also be low at times.

Open or closed:

Whether you left an open mouth print or a closed one can reveal how you think — and whether you're more open- or close-minded.

An open mouth print, where the top and bottom lips do not touch, is believed to be a sign of a highly creative mind that can bring any dream into reality.

When the bottom and top lips meet in a closed-mouth lip print, it indicates that the person tends to be firm in their opinions and is not very flexible in their thinking.

Lip size

You might know generally whether you have full or thin lips, but dig a little deeper into the intricacies of your lip shape and you can learn more about your tendencies.

A thinner upper lip may suggest that you have a strong will and tend to stick to your beliefs without much flexibility.

Having a thinner bottom lip may suggest that you are frugal and prefer to save your money instead of spending it impulsively. You tend to appreciate deals and discounts.

If your upper lip is fuller than your bottom lip, it can indicate that you are attentive to the needs of others and have patience. It suggests that you are someone who is willing to give your all and listen to those around you.

Do you have a fuller bottom lip? This means that you are extremely kind-hearted and generous to others. You never hold back from helping those in need and find great joy.


Now it's time to read between the lines. What kind of edges and feathering you have around your lip print takes us even deeper.

If you have a “V” indentation on the bottom lip you are someone who is easily swept away by romantic gestures and has a desire to express your tender heart to those around you.

If your lip print produces an uneven or wavy outline, you must embrace your artistic soul. You possess immense talent, and your purpose in life is to express your creativity.

Stress lines are shown through gaps on the inside of lip prints. There are a few of them; this means that you are going through a transformative time. If the gap is on the top lip print, it shows that you have to let the situation right its course, but if it's on the bottom lip, it shows that you can help the process somehow.

If the gaps in the lines of your lip print occur on the outside of your lip, it's an indicator that you're an intuitive and magical person. These are called spirit lines, and are in contrast to the inside of the lip where stress lines occur.

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