Mailbag: DeMar's daughter, Jeff Dowtin Jr. and team chemistry

Mike Roach and Chris Boucher answer fan questions and discuss what Chris learned about himself this season, Jeff Dowtin Jr., what the Raptors locker room was like and more!

Video Transcript

- Here's Boucher. The three. Got him. From Montreal, his name is Chris Boucher.

MIKE ROACH: All right, CB. We're back. We got some questions from the fans. OK?

CHRIS BOUCHER: All right, all right.

MIKE ROACH: Let's start off with Felicia.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Felicia? Bye, Felicia.

MIKE ROACH: A lot of Felicias out here. OK, no handles this time, just names. Why is the media picking on Scottie Barnes' work ethic? I've never heard this one before. Are they?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, me neither. So I don't know what they're talking about. But they're wrong about it. Whoever is saying about Scottie's work ethic and all, I think they're tripping, because Scott definitely works on his game, and Scottie's always at the gym when I go to the gym, so.

MIKE ROACH: All right, we got one from Chris. What's Chris' go-to comfort delivery food? I feel like we've had that one before.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Comfort delivery food?


CHRIS BOUCHER: Pasta, steak. Pasta, steak.

MIKE ROACH: That's your go-to?


MIKE ROACH: From anywhere specific?


MIKE ROACH: Let's get it.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Soto Soto, Marbles, Mademoiselle. Shit, I go everywhere.

MIKE ROACH: That is a list. Did DeMaur's dotter make a difference in your team's free throw shooting?



CHRIS BOUCHER: BS. They're just picking up something.

MIKE ROACH: That's just a story they're looking for.

CHRIS BOUCHER: They're just picking up something, man. I didn't even know until I saw videos. I didn't hear it, but I only played five minutes here, so I ain't got that much time to hear it, unfortunately. We actually won game, though, so that's not an excuse.

MIKE ROACH: OK, I got one from Sun Jing Woo. If you could play in any decade in the past prior to 2010, which one would it be? Where would you be most successful? So I guess '80s, '90s, 2000 to 2010.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I would like to play with, like, a Steve Nash, or a Jason Kidd, or something like that so they could pass me the ball. Like [INAUDIBLE] instead of--

MIKE ROACH: Around 2000ish--

CHRIS BOUCHER: [INAUDIBLE] Steve Nash-- started reminding me of Steve Nash, something like that. I'd catch lobs all game.

MIKE ROACH: I used to love that team.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, that's what I'm saying. That was great one. And, like, I don't even know. I didn't know basketball like that. It's just two the years after that, I started going back to the best duos and all that, and watching videos, and--


CHRIS BOUCHER: Or just put me with Michael Jordan and make me win championships.

MIKE ROACH: What do you think about Michael Jordan anyway? You think he is the GOAT?


MIKE ROACH: He is for sure. OK, so no LeBron for you.

CHRIS BOUCHER: No, but, like, damn, that dude did a lot. I mean, to me, like, just like, in the world as a person, as a man with all the attention and all that, he's the one that did it, that handled it the best that I've seen.

MIKE ROACH: Who else is in the conversation for you, just curious before we move on, besides Jordan, LeBron?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Jorda, LeBron, Shaq, Steph, Wilt, Bill, Bill Russell.


CHRIS BOUCHER: Kobe, Kareem.

MIKE ROACH: All right, I got a question from Ty.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I got Kobe in there, too, bro. Why?

MIKE ROACH: I got Kobe in there, too, 100%.

CHRIS BOUCHER: For sure, by far.

MIKE ROACH: Who would you rather have in their prime, Kobe or LeBron?


MIKE ROACH: I had a feeling you would say that. That's why I asked.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I want to win.

MIKE ROACH: Me, too, I want Kobe as well. I got a question from Ty. Biggest takeaway from your game this season. What did you learn about yourself that will help your career?

CHRIS BOUCHER: More understanding how some season goes. I think, like, more, like, obviously, like, every season I had, I learned something, but I think that you always know that there's a peak in the season. There's a time where you're, like, kind of, eh, where, like, your shot is not. And there's times where, like, you're going to be, like, the hottest that you want. Like, you're going to hit everything you touch. So I think that's something.

And I think there's something that I've also learned is that I could find a way to make it more consistent through the year if I just actually focus on the right thing every game.

MIKE ROACH: OK. If you could redesign the Raptors jersey, what would you put on them?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I wouldn't change nothing.

MIKE ROACH: Wouldn't change it?


MIKE ROACH: OK, I got another question here. Did the players like each other?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah. I mean, I think the players, like, especially the guys that's been there for a minute, that's a commodity. Like, it's brotherhood. You know, most of us, like, even though in a game, like, the game might not reflect it, but when we off the floor and all that, we all, like, we're all brothers. Like, we all know each other for a long time.

MIKE ROACH: Now you use the word camaraderie, which is actually the next question. What was the difference in camaraderie from this season compared to last?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Last season, we didn't have no expectations, so everybody was just going there, trying to make their best, and we won games. So everybody was happy. This year, we had the expectation. We didn't do it, and we lost. So like, there you go. That's a lot to take in all together. It gives you the results you got this year.

MIKE ROACH: Now, in Massai's Presser, he mentioned Jeff Dowtin Jr. and that he will be a part of the team's future. What is unique?

CHRIS BOUCHER: That's guaranteed? He said that for sure?

MIKE ROACH: I believe he did say that. Did he not? He did say that.




MIKE ROACH: He views them as part of the future. That's correct. Dommitt. What is unique about Jeff Dowtin Jr.? If you haven't seen Ahmed's interview with him, by the way, on Yahoo Sportsbook Canada, you can go check that out.

CHRIS BOUCHER: He's a dog, man. He's a dog. I think--

MIKE ROACH: I like him a lot, actually.

CHRIS BOUCHER: He makes me think a little bit of me. Like, when I was two-way before, like, how you, like, you feel like you shouldn't be a two-way no more? And, like, every time you touch the floor or whenever you're doing something that makes you realize you're an NBA player?

MIKE ROACH: He is an NBA player.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Well, that's exactly what, you know-- and, like, good teammate, man. That's another guy that I'm getting closer to, Jeff. Him, Jeff and Christian, I think I'm getting close to these guys, because, like, they want to work. Man, there's not one day where, like, we're in practice and, like, we're playing pickup and they're not playing. You know what I'm saying? Like, I just love that, man. I love guys like that, like, guys that I could see they're working hard just to get somewhere, man, like, I like that.

And, like, they didn't sign him and his attitude was good, and he still supported the team, and yeah, man, he was playing really good. So I love the kid.

MIKE ROACH: Best off court team moment this season?



CHRIS BOUCHER: I feel like the season was actually boring.

MIKE ROACH: Damn, that boring?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, because, like, all our good trip was gone, like, the first week of the month. Like, Miami, gone. LA was at the end, and it was cold. Then after that, we got Orlando. First, like, month, gone. Like, so, like, it was kind of boring, to be honest with you, this year. And we were losing. It was boring this year, actually, when I think about it. God damn. Shit. I can't think about something good I did this year.

MIKE ROACH: All right, we--

CHRIS BOUCHER: Nothing. Guys, this year is boring, man. Shit.



MIKE ROACH: Lord have mercy. All right, we got a couple left.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I said that was something fun.

MIKE ROACH: That is a positive.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I was healthy.

MIKE ROACH: Yeah, that is a positive. Now, a couple more. A couple more before we get out of here, Chris.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Anything fun this year? I got sick of my own foundation stuff. I'm telling you, it's nothing good. Hey. I just think about this. Nothing. That's bad.


CHRIS BOUCHER: Didn't play the game in Montreal.

MIKE ROACH: Oh, yeah.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I'm telling you. Boring ass here this year. Shit.


CHRIS BOUCHER: Made me realize that, man. Thank you, whoever asked that question, man.

MIKE ROACH: All right.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Shit, I got to do better next year.

MIKE ROACH: We got a few more. How do you feel now that Nick Nurse is gone?

CHRIS BOUCHER: How do I feel?


CHRIS BOUCHER: The same. I mean, I feel good. Obviously, I always feel good. I wish him the best.


CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, I wish him the best. I think he would wish me the best if it was me that was gone, too, onto the new things.

MIKE ROACH: What are you up to in the off season? That's from Rachel Snag on Twitter.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Putting in more work. That's it. I'm trying to put in more work and enjoy my life. Try to put in more work at a place where I can enjoy it, too.

MIKE ROACH: OK. From Obsession Much on Twitter, what does the future hold for Chris Boucher? That's pretty wide open there.

CHRIS BOUCHER: That's wide open, brother. I don't know, man. If I could try to be-- I wanted to be one of the best bench guy, guy off the bench if that's what I'm going to be labeled at. Who knows what's going to happen? But if that's what I'm labeled for, we're going to try to put in work to try to get like a sixth man or something like that, or become, like, an all defensive, or something like that, get an Oscar for something.

MIKE ROACH: One last question here for you. Who would Chris Boucher like to coach the team?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Who I would like to coach the team? Anybody that gives me minutes. Anybody. I need minutes. I'm fucking with it. I'm with it. I'm with it, man. Anybody that's going to love my game and believe in me and give me minutes, I'm with it. Fuck it. I'm with that, man. Like I said, I get better under a lot of coaches. Like, I find ways to-- obviously, if coach wants the requirement and I actually like something, I actually like to focus on it and get better at it.

So I mean, my job right now is to put in enough work this summer where any coach that comes in is going to want to play me. You know, like, that's my goal. But obviously, I would love to have a coach that like loves my game and plays me, like, all the minutes, for sure. Who wouldn't want that?

MIKE ROACH: Hustle Play with Chris Boucher. I am Mike Roach. This is Yahoo Sports Canada. Like, subscribe, share, rate, comment, everything. Hustle Play Sports. Chris, it's been a pleasure, my brother.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Thank you, man.

MIKE ROACH: We're out.


- Here's Boucher. The three, got it. From Montreal, his name is Chris Boucher.