Makeup Artist Shares Incredible Transformation Video With Important Message

18-year-old Bulgarian makeup artist Melania Yaneva recently shared a unique video to highlight how quickly life can pass by — and she did it all with the help of a number of carefully constructed makeup looks.

The video, which took around 15 hours to arrange and two weeks to edit, is what she would’ve shown at the NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards live final in Bulgaria, if she had been selected for the top five. Unfortunately, she didn’t advance after the top 10 round.

In Yaneva’s stop-motion video she shows off a youthful makeup look and ages herself with makeup — up until her final look which was created to resemble death. She shared the video on her popular Instagram channel, where it received rave responses.

“LIFE. An important message that I wanted to send to all the people who will watch this video. Live your life as fully and bravely as you can!” she wrote. “Also, I created this stop motion makeup video for all of you who supported me till the end of my NYX Face Awards journey and wanted to see what I would have presented at the live final. Thank you!!”

At the end of the video, the screen floods with the words, “In the blink of an eye, everything can change. So love with all your heart. You may never know when you may not have that chance again.”

She tells Yahoo Beauty that the inspiration for the project was life itself. “I wanted to remind the people who watch this video that we are all here for certain amount of time and we need to appreciate the time that was given to us — to live our lives as fully as we can,” she shares. “To love and enjoy every moment of it.

The video was met with a number of positive comments, praising Yaneva for her talent. “This is so great! Love this video…You are a talent,” one user commented. “This is such inspiring work. You are an astounding artist and a beautiful soul,” another added.

“The most important aspect was that people actually supported me throughout the whole NYX Face Awards competition,” she tells Yahoo Beauty. “In fact I love all NYX products, and regardless of the results — I feel that I accomplished a lot!

Wilcox’s entry for the contest’s top 10 challenge, which she posted a month ago, received similar feedback to her ‘LIFE’ video.

“NYX Face Awards Bulgaria TOP 10!! The challenge was “Underwater Creatures” I decided to go out of my comfort zone and create my first SFX makeup,” she captioned the clip. She also uploaded a photo of the completed look.

Her original entry for the contest was equally impressive. It look 12 hours to paint and three days of editing to pull together the finished product.

Her inspiration was Amanda Reed from American comic book imprint, WildStorm.

“Your work is so so soooo sick! Such talent!” one user commented on the post. “This is so badass!” another added.

For Yaneva, it’s mostly about her love of makeup and art. “I love the power of makeup and how you can transform yourself into anything you want. I love expressing my feelings exploring the art of it!” she says.

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