Man breaks world record for most Brussels sprouts eaten in a minute

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor

A man has broken the world record for eating sprouts.

They might be the most polarising of all Christmas foods – but Wayne Sherlock, a 38-year-old trucker from Kent, committed to going all in this year.

He consumed 33 of the cruciferous vegetables in just 60 seconds – likely more than your whole family will enjoy this Wednesday.

This record-breaking moment was not the fulfilment of a lifelong ambition, but instead the result of a challenge Sherlock had set himself to beat pub landlord Tony Humphries in a contest, held at The Crown Inn pub in Finglehsam, in Kent.

Wayne Sherlock (right) on his way to breaking the world record for eating sprouts. [Photo: SWNS]

Sherlock came out having beaten not only Tony and the 14 other contestants, but the world record for Brussels sprouts eating.

The record was previously set at 31 sprouts eaten in one minute in 2008, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Of the experience, Sherlock said: "It was a good laugh. I'm a regular in the pub and only took part to challenge Tony for a laugh."

For those hoping to one day aspire to such a feat, Sherlock had some go-to advice.

Wayne Sherlock on his way to breaking the world record for eating sprouts. [Photo: SWNS]

He said: "Eating sprouts definitely takes a technique. I just chewed like a pig and while doing that looked around for the smaller sprouts.

"I kept the bowl close to my mouth and tried to give myself five seconds at the end to digest them.”

And, the question had to be asked, did Sherlock suffer any digestive, er, consequences for his noble undertaking? Apparently not.

"I had some pains in my chest once I'd finished but washed them down with a pint of Fosters,” he said.

"It's not like everyone would think. I wasn't stinking, I was fine."

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So there we go.

He said he’s planning on getting a sprout tattoo in order to aptly mark his achievement: "It's going to be a sprout with a crown and the number 33 underneath.”

Wayne Sherlock (centre) with his fellow competitiors after breaking the world record for eating sprouts. [Photo: SWNS]

The world record, which was caught on film, has yet to be made official. The footage will be sent off to the Guinness Book of World Records adjudicators, by Veg UK managing director Julian Pitts, for consideration.

If Sherlock’s world record leaves your 2019 achievements seeming somewhat small in comparison – rest assured there’s still hope for us mere mortals.

Some fun Guinness world records to try and beat include the tallest toilet paper tower in 30 seconds (currently 28) and most M&Ms eaten in one minute blinded with a pair of chopsticks (currently 20 – tricky, but you’d likely have fun trying).

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