Man Decides to Propose to His Girlfriend While Arrested and in Cuffs

An Oklahoma man asked arresting officers for permission to propose to his girlfriend before being taken away on felony warrants. (Photo: WKRG)

Celebrating your birthday and a national holiday all at once might qualify as a pretty special day. That’s almost what happened to Brandon Thompson. The 35-year-old Muskogee, Okla., resident was celebrating the Fourth of July and his own birthday on his front porch with his girlfriend, and quite possibly feeling on top of the world. That’s when the cops showed up.

For Thompson, this already unique day was capped by officers showing up to arrest him on felony warrants, News WKRG reports. In the heat of that moment, Thompson must have decided he needed just one more special moment and asked officers if they would let him get down on his knee and propose to his girlfriend. The officers agreed and caught the moment on video.

While in cuffs, Thompson asked his mother to retrieve his ring for him while the officers proceeded to move his cuffs to the front so he could place the ring on his fiancé’s finger. The family, all dressed in patriotic red, white, and blue, then embraced and celebrated before Thompson was then taken into custody.

WKRG further reports that his new fiancé pulled together their savings to bail Thompson out of jail and that they’ll be figuring out their exact wedding plans once he clears up his legal troubles.

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