Man guilty in robbery scam that lured guy to Macon motel to ‘dress him up, do his makeup’

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A Monticello man was lured to a Macon motel several months ago for what he apparently thought would be a fetish-filled affair with a Warner Robins man and woman. Instead, the couple robbed him. The episode happened in mid-September. The woman involved, who later died of a drug overdose, was described at a hearing in Bibb County Superior Court on May 2 as the caper’s “mastermind.”

Her boyfriend, 25, pleaded guilty to robbery by intimidation and was sentenced to a dozen years on probation and 180 days in a probation detention center. A prosecutor said the victim told investigators that he had met the pair via an online “escort” site and that the victim agreed to join the couple “to have fun” at an unnamed Macon motel.

“He stated that he initially agreed to be tied up as part of the fun and (the suspects) were gonna dress him up and do his makeup,” a prosecutor, describing the robbery’s particulars, said in court. The couple used an airsoft AR-15 rifle to rob the bound victim, stealing his car keys and wallet and leaving him tied up.

The judge asked the man pleading guilty, “Were you high when y’all decided to do this?”

The man acknowledged that they were.

“Because,” the judge went on, “if you were sober you have have figured this wasn’t gonna go very well. It’s a profoundly bad idea.”

When the man’s lawyer mentioned that the man had been in jail since October and asked if his sentence, his time to serve behind bars, could begin immediately, the judge said no, that the man would have to wait until the Department of Corrections transferred him from the county jail to its lockup.

Explained the judge, “He’s gonna have to wait until they take him. Just because of (his) stupidity.”

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