Man Ignites Viral Conversation for 'Tricking' His Kids Into Eating Mushroom Soup

The man's kids, he writes on Reddit, "hate the texture of mushrooms"

<p>gpointstudio/Getty</p> man serving soup to a child


man serving soup to a child

A man is igniting viral debate on Reddit after sharing that his wife thinks he's "tricking" their kids into eating mushrooms by blending them into soups, rather than straining them out.

In a post shared to Reddit, the anonymous man writes: "My children are not allergic to mushrooms. My children love cream of mushroom soup. My kids hate the texture of mushrooms. When my wife uses canned mushroom soup in a recipe she will strain out the mushrooms for the kids."

"However when I use mushroom soup in a recipe I run it through the blender," he adds. "The pieces are so little that they have no texture. The kids don't complain about it and I don't waste time."

But his wife thinks he's doing something wrong, he writes, "because I'm tricking them into eating something they have been very clear about not liking."

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<p>Silvia ND/Getty</p> mushroom soup

Silvia ND/Getty

mushroom soup

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"I asked if she would rather eat a fistful of raw flour or a slice of bread. Preparation makes a difference," he continues. "I think we are both trying to make sure that the kids eat a good meal we just go about it different ways."

Thousands have weighed in on the post, with most saying their own parents did something similar when they were kids by hiding healthy ingredients in otherwise tasty meals.

"As someone who has hated mushrooms with a fiery passion their whole life, when I found out my mom has always blended some up for her Thanksgiving stuffing (that I love), I admit my ego was a bit bruised," one commenter wrote. "Ultimately I learned a valuable lesson; things, even foods, aren't black and white, there's a finely blended mushroom gray area and that's okay!"

Other commenters took issue with the original poster's wife, arguing, "The wife shouldn't be upset with a normal recipe. Maybe her ego is bruised cause she realized she could be blending instead of straining."

<p>Darya Komarova/Getty</p> Child eating soup

Darya Komarova/Getty

Child eating soup

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Still others suggested that perhaps the kids would develop a taste for mushrooms if either parent learned a new mode of preparation.

"My husband thought he hated mushrooms until we got married. He’d only had them in processed foods like cream of mushroom soup … once he tried them freshly cooked and cooked well his whole attitude towards them changed," wrote one commenter.

Added another: "I also hated mushrooms texture my whole life until i changed how i prepare them (slow fry until a crust is formed)…. This is no tricking, this is allowing the kids to use alternative entry points to facts of life … it’s called responsible parenting."

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