Man ‘uncomfortable’ after overhearing wife talk in her sleep: ‘I’m starting to feel paranoid’

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A husband is upset at his wife because of her dreams.

He shared his story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum and users promptly roasted him. His wife talks in her sleep regularly but when he didn’t like what he heard, the husband became paranoid. 

“My wife has always talked in her sleep since I have known her,” the husband said. “More than anyone else I’ve ever known. We slept in different rooms for a while because of it, but sleep together now and I can sleep through most of it. I know it isn’t intentional from her side but it does annoy me anyway sometimes. The last few weeks since we are sleeping in the same bed again, she usually falls asleep first and sleeps later. So I’m just laying on my phone and hear a lot of weird sleep comments. Some are making me uncomfortable.”

He provided some examples of whats she said. 

“‘I don’t want to have sex, you’re gross’ (while touching me). ‘Josh, you’re so cute,’ (my name is not Josh). ‘Are you watching the baby,’ (we don’t have kids and don’t want them). ‘This cake tastes like puke,’ (I have been baking for her recently),” he claimed.

When he asked his wife about the comments, she said she doesn’t remember her dreams at all. 

“Dreams are based on real feelings and thoughts in the day so these kinds of comments make me super uncomfortable because it isn’t what she says to my face but it comes out when her guard is down,” the user explained. “She says her real thoughts are the ones she tells me when she is awake but I’m starting to feel paranoid. I am insisting we have a real talk about what she really feels and she keeps saying it is impossible because she has no idea why she said those things. I just think deep down, she does and doesn’t want to say.” 

Reddit didn’t think the husband was being reasonable.

“Arguing with someone over something they say when they are sleeping is insane,” one user said. 

“This is honestly one of the most ridiculous things to argue over,” someone commented

” Your paranoia is your problem,” another wrote

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