Manufacturing offence is pivotal for Raptors against Kyle Lowry's Heat

Imman Adan and Asad Alvi look at keys to the Raptors getting a victory against the Miami Heat as Kyle Lowry returns to Toronto.

Video Transcript

IMMAN ADAN: So the next game that the Raptors play is going to be against the Miami Heat, and that is on Wednesday. Kyle Lowry, the GROAT, and they just had a close win over the Phoenix Suns, who have been absolutely soaring. The Raptors have played the Miami Heat twice already. So it just feels like so much so early. What are you expecting from that game?

ASAD ALVI: Let's just hope that someone is healthy by then because otherwise--

IMMAN ADAN: I hope that no one gets hurt because of Sebastian, like.

ASAD ALVI: That's also true. And so against the Miami Heat you're hoping no one else gets hurt, and you're hoping you get a couple of guys back. You're not going to have Pascal Siakam, but Fred VanVleet, let's get him some vitamin C. Let's get him some Gatorades. Let's get him well hydrated. Get him over this illness.

IMMAN ADAN: That is true. That is true.

ASAD ALVI: It will be great to have Fred VanVleet back because he would solve a lot of problems.

IMMAN ADAN: How about Gary?

ASAD ALVI: Even Gary Trent Jr. Gary Trent Jr, honestly, like he has been struggling with his shot.


ASAD ALVI: And it's not that he's been taking bad shots. I guess he's taken a few bad shots, but he's been missing wide open shots. So he's looked a little banged up. He has taken some hard falls throughout the season. So you're hoping that with the rest maybe he comes back healthy and then suddenly you get a little bit of scoring punch from Gary Trent Jr, which would be, again, life saving for this Raptors team.

And then, hey, if you have those guys, then maybe you have a shot against a Miami team that as good as they can be on their best nights also really, really struggle to score. Kyle Lowry, greatest Raptor of all time, but also, he's the greatest Raptor of time because he's kind of old now. He has a long history with the team because he's old. And it comes through.

He'll have a good game, and then he'll have a bad game. And then he'll have a good game, and then he'll have a bad game. So as much as we love to see Kyle, let's hope for a bad game. It wouldn't be bad. Jimmy Butler, maybe that knee is a little tricky.

IMMAN ADAN: We just hope that everybody else has a bad game on Miami but Kyle has a good game.

ASAD ALVI: That's totally possible.


ASAD ALVI: But I think the thing to look out for is the reunion of Caleb Martin versus Christian Koloko. Finally, let's see what Christian Koloko can do in that game. He's been a little bit quieter for a little while. He had a big role on those first couple of Miami games, so it could be interesting. But yeah.

IMMAN ADAN: And there might be some Taylor Swift in the arena, hashtag bad blood.