Maple Leafs' killer instinct will face ultimate test in Game 6

The Maple Leafs look like a team on the brink of exercising its first-round demons and after pushing the Lightning to an elimination game in Tampa, Toronto has an opportunity to prove they have learned from last year's mistakes.

Video Transcript

- Everyone needs to be on have their best game. Everyone, everyone. The Leafs can't go in knowing that they'll have another opportunity. You can't. This is that moment. Killer instinct, killer instinct, you have an opportunity to end someone's season.

This-- Sheldon Keefe, this is the time. This is the time to prove it. You said the entire year you were different. You wanted to be different. Now is the time. You are up 3-2. You can end the series. You can end Tampa. This is the time. Can they exercise their demons? I think I'm feeling really good about it.

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