March Madness projections give just 20 teams a legitimate shot at winning the NCAA title

Kelsey Driscoll

Picking your March Madness winner takes a bit of knowledge, a bit of faith and a bit of luck. Some fans have an alma mater to root for, while others make selections based on mascots or team colors. Sometimes the choices are completely random. 

For those fans who have bragging rights or even some money on the line, you may want to pay more attention to how the teams are actually projected to fare. Luckily for us, FiveThirtyEight's predictions update live with each team's chances of winning and advancing to the next round. 

As it stands just ahead of the First Four games, 20 schools seem to have a legitimate shot at the championship. Each of these teams is projected to have at least a one percent chance at reaching the title game -- including No. 6 seeds Florida and Houston. 

Click through below to see the 20 teams with the best chances to win March Madness.