Mariah Carey’s Ridiculous On-Set Divadom Resulted in Her Being Cut From ‘The House’

Oh Mimi, never change. Unless, that is, you’d prefer not to get cut from a movie.

In the upcoming movie The House, Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler transform their home into a casino to pay for their daughter’s college tuition.

At one point, Mariah Carey was supposed to make a cameo, but as Ferrell politely told Late Night With Seth Meyers recently, she had a lot of demands: “She did not make the final cut. She eventually did show up … there were suggestions … that weren’t executed … things happened.”

Ferrell was cagey about what went down but one of his co-stars, Cedric Yarbrough, was more than happy to spill the tea.

In a now-deleted post, Yarbrough wrote on Facebook, “When Mariah finally showed up she refused to match the stunt. … She then requested a large fan for her hair to be blown around and a camera that would be above her. … This lady was unprofessional & borderline abusive to our director, who tried his best to appease her every wish.”

So what was the stunt that Mariah refused to do? For that, we need to go back to an interview that Rob Huebel did with Entertainment Weekly’s SiriusXM station. The comedian also stars in The House and recalls that Mariah (cameoing as herself in the movie) was supposed to get shot and die — for comedic effect, of course.

Carey didn’t like that angle very much. Huebel recalls she said something like, “I don’t feel like my character would get killed by bullets. What if I deflected them, like Wonder Woman?”

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