Marina Moscone RTW Spring 2024

“I don’t know if you saw in the news, but a few months ago there were water nymph statues from England that were 200-plus years old — kids took crayons and ruined them, but I thought it was so beautiful,” Marina Moscone said during a showroom appointment. The idea of “coloring outside the lines” inspired the designer this season, with images of the stone statues, now covered in bright blue scribbles, present on her mood board alongside Cy Twombly’s scribbled paper works and Liam Lee’s vivid mohair chair sculptures.

Moscone often references her love of art as inspiration for her collections, but for spring she dove deeper into her crafty spirit. The result was a collection filled with a nice juxtaposition of arty, sartorial designs with a selection of her signature minimalist, masculine meets feminine designs.

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For instance, Moscone’s hand-drawn scribble dot print, seen on her signature silk twill twist dress, peeked through laser-cut sheaths, and turned into high-tension thread-embroideries on slips. The fluid silhouettes extended into pajama-inspired luxe loungewear (stellar in painter’s green with hand-drawn micro floral motifs) alongside a versatile tabard wrap dress that could be worn five ways.

Moscone’s bias-cut ruffle details (as seen on the hem of a crop top or spaghetti sleeves of a slip) and resin tear-drop adorned u-neck straight satin sheath (each molded by hand) provided a strong, playful balance against her sharp, well-known menswear-inspired tailoring, such as the season’s new boyfriend blazer with cape-style sleeves or nipped basque blazer with satin lapels.

Launch Gallery: Marina Moscone RTW Spring 2024

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