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Marisa Tomei used water dumbbells at a 'dreamy' wellness retreat — and we found a set on Amazon

Marisa Tomei used water dumbbells at a 'dreamy' wellness retreat — and we found a set on Amazon

With roles in Spider-Man: No Way Home and the highly anticipated She Came to Me 30 years after her iconic Oscar win for her performance in My Cousin Vinny, Marisa Tomei’s career is still going strong — and so is she! The 58-year-old actress is making an effort at keeping her sprit, mind and body fit. She recently posted about her eye-opening trip to a wellness spa featuring her favorite de-stressing activities — that included splashing in the pool with water dumbbells.

Made with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), these water dumbbells weigh just 8 ounces. Light on dry land, in water their buoyancy gives them the resistance you need for a gentle workout. 

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At her 'dreamy' retreat, you can see that glowing smile and strong arms pumping her water dumbbells in the aquagym. She noted it as one of her favorite parts of the soothing wellness spa experience. While it might look like she's using these dumbbells like regular weights, they're a lot different than the hunks of metal you pick up at the gym.

If you haven’t been to the pool in a while, water dumbbells are a popular exercise accessory for strength and resistance training. As you get older, you’ll probably hear (if you haven't already!) about how great resistance exercise is for aging bodies and minds.

Studies show that, in addition to building muscles, it can help older people keep their joints healthy, improve coordination and balance, maintain bone density and help with mobility so you can keep walking and doing your daily activities on your own. It’s really easy to put off body maintenance now, but it will make your life much easier later.

Water dumbbells are made with foam so they’re light and won't do much on dry land, but they can float in the water. Because they're buoyant, you can push down on them in the water and pull them in different directions to experience resistance. Because the resistance is gentle, it's easy on your joints and muscles and may put you at a lower risk of injury than regular weights.

If you're looking to move your exercise routine indoors as the weather starts to cool, pool workouts can help you stay active. You don't have to join a class to get your exercise — there are loads of videos on YouTube like this one from Fitmotivation to help you figure out which routines are best for you.

Make your water workouts more colorful! These dumbbells come in 11 different colors, including yellow, orange and red. 

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