Mark Hamill debuts his Chucky voice in new 'Child's Play' clip

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Hide-and-seek is such a wholesome game … until you get Chucky involved. The latest clip from Child's Play doesn't actually show the iconic killer doll, but gets plenty of chills from voice actor Mark Hamill, channeling his performance as the animated Joker more than his best-known role as Luke Skywalker. Watch Hamill's maniacal laugh spook Chucky's owner Andy (Gabriel Bateman), above.

Child's Play, a remake of the campy 1988 horror classic, also stars Aubrey Plaza as Andy's mother, Karen, and Brian Tyree Henry as Det. Mike Norris. The new version updates the premise of a terrifying doll by making Chucky a "smart" toy, easily linked up to a phone, tablet and every remote-controlled object in the house. So in addition to playing on the age-old idea of a doll turned evil, Child's Play will now tap into our fear that Alexa and Siri are secretly plotting against us. That said, the filmmakers are using old-school techniques like puppetry and animatronics to create Chucky, as revealed in the behind-the-scenes clip below.

But it’s still Hamill’s voice that really brings the character to life, especially when Chucky’s not onscreen. In the above clip, his voice haunts (and taunts) young Andy (Gabriel Bateman), who is on the hunt for his killer toy while armed with a baseball bat. “Over here, Andy,” teases Chucky — using his smart-device enabled tech to throw his voice around the room, while the boy pleads, “Leave me alone!” Andy may not be having fun listening to Hamill’s version of Chucky ... but we sure are.

Child's Play opens in theaters on June 21.

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