Mark Hamill reveals George Lucas's surprising original ending for 'Star Wars: Episode IX'

Creatively and commercially, the Star Wars series hasn’t missed a beat since it passed from the hands of its creator, George Lucas, to a new generation of filmmakers who grew up immersed in the adventures of that far, far away galaxy. The first three films of the post-Lucas period — The Force Awakens, Rogue One,and The Last Jedi — have won strong reviews (as well as multiple Oscar nominations) and occupy the top three slots on the franchise’s overall box-office chart. Nevertheless, one question can’t help but loom over this era of Star Wars like those dual suns shining above Tatooine: What would George do (WWGD)? The exact details of Lucas’s plans for his galaxy in the wake of Return of the Jedi are a hotly debated topic in Star Wars circles, in large part because they kept shifting, and the writer/director himself has mostly declined to clean up the historical record.