Mark Wright shares fears as he opens up on cancer scare

Mark Wright. (PA)
Mark Wright says his cancer scare made him realise he's 'not immortal'. (PA)

Mark Wright has said his recent cancer scare has shaken him up as it made him realise he is "not immortal".

The former Towie star, 35, had a 12cm lump removed from his armpit in December, which was so large that it was clearly visible in photos he posted for fans before the op.

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But while Wright does not have cancer and is recovering well from the surgery, he has said that seven months on he still suffers some side effects - including facing his fears about serious illness.

He told The Mirror: "It has scared me because it makes you feel you're not immortal.

"You always think: 'Ah yes, it's not going to happen to me'. And then when something like that happens, it does give you a bit of a fear."

Radio DJ Wright, who is married to actor Michelle Keegan, said that he was always very health conscious in getting anything worrying checked.

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He said that he had also given careful consideration to how serious the operation was, as well as what could go wrong from it.

Wright said: "I chose my surgeon wisely because you can really mess the nerves up and, to be fair, even now down on my forearm, my skin stings a little bit."

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan
Mark Wright is married to Michelle Keegan. (Getty)

Talking about the side effects of the surgery that still bother him even months later, he revealed that he sometimes still suffers from "weird sensations and pins and needles", but added that he had recovered well.

Fitness fanatic Wright, who launched a personal training app with his brother not long before having the tumour removed, also said that it had been tough not to be able to continue his regular training schedule in the gym while waiting for his scars to heal.

Explaining that he had stayed at home and tried to watch his diet instead, he added: "I just got through it and know that better days are ahead."

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