Marlon Wayans' Kids: All About His 2 Sons, Kai and Shawn

Marlon Wayans and his ex Angela Zackery share two kids together, sons Kai and Shawn

<p> Alex J. Berliner/ABImages via AP</p>

Alex J. Berliner/ABImages via AP

Marlon Wayans is a proud dad.

The actor and comedian shares two children, sons Kai and Shawn, with his ex Angela Zackery, with whom he was in a relationship from 1992 to 2013.

Over the years, Wayans has stepped out with his kids at various events and premieres. Additionally, Wayans often posts sweet tributes to his children on social media.

During a recent appearance on on The Breakfast Club, Wayans revealed that his oldest child Kai is transgender and uses he/they pronouns. Wayans also added that he plans to talk about what that experience was like for him as a parent in an upcoming comedy special, tentatively titled Rainbow Child.

He said the special would likely follow "my transition as a parent, going from ignorance and denial to complete unconditional love and acceptance," and added that he hopes sharing his story will help other families through similar situations.

Here’s everything to know about Wayans’ children and what he has said about them.

Kai Wayans

<p>Marlon Wayans/Instagram</p>

Marlon Wayans/Instagram

Wayans and Zackery welcomed their first child on May 24, 2000. Kai has stepped out for a handful of events alongside his father over the years, including the premiere of 2013’s A Haunted House and 2016’s Fifty Shades Of Black.

Additionally, Wayans has posted many sweet tributes to Kai on social media. In 2022, the In Living Color alum reflected on Kai’s birth, noting how “time flies.”

“You were just in my arms 22 years ago,” Wayans captioned the post. “I don’t know if you remember but you lived in my arms… you’re an official adult now but those arms always there to hold you when if you need.”

“I love you unconditionally and always will,” he continued. “Even when I’m gone all those i gave you will remain. All you have to do is close your eyes and remember daddy loves you and I’m forever holding you in my arms. Happiest birthday bBy. Proud of the human we raised. Smile every day. Be you. Be fearless. Be strong.”

During an appearance on The Breakfast Club in November 2023, Wayans talked about his children and in particularly his relationship with Kai, explaining how he went through a transitional period as a parent, “going from ignorance and denial to complete unconditional love and acceptance.”

“They know I love them. They see me trying, and I’m happy, but I have to respect their wishes,” he continued, adding that he just wants his children to “be free” to be themselves. “If they can’t get that in the household with their father and their mother, how the f--- do I send them out into the world with that kind of confidence? I’m just so proud of them being them."

Wayans previously showed his support for Kai during Pride Month in 2019, sharing a photo of them wearing rainbow shoes. “Happy pride 🌈 to my pride and joy,” Wayans captioned the post. “I wouldn’t change one effing thing about you. Love you to the moon around the sun through the galaxies and back again.”

For Kai’s birthday in May 2023, Wayans thanked his son for teaching him how to love unconditionally. “Happiest bday my baby… daddy loves you to the moon and back,” he captioned the photo of him and Kai at his graduation. “I’ve always asked people to love me unconditionally, thank you for teaching me what that really means. Be you! Your best you! You’re the gift and I’m wrapping paper… love love love you for life. Excuse my ignorance, chalk it up to growth. Love you so much, thank you for making me a man. So proud. 🌈."

In honor of Pride Month in 2024, Wayans shared his support for Kai again with an Instagram post that showed a photo from a recent shoot where the comedian was draped in a rainbow flag.

"Happy PRIDE to all my LGBTQ+ peoples. Did a photo shoot with the great photographer @parrish_lewis dope pic," he wrote, adding, "P.S. I’m STRAIGHT… well, according to my child CISGENDER male. I just love and support my peoples."

Shawn Wayans

<p>Marlon Wayans/Instagram</p>

Marlon Wayans/Instagram

Shawn is Wayans and Zackery’s second child, who they welcomed on Feb. 3, 2002. Like Kai, Wayans has posted many sweet tributes to his son. In Februray 2023, Wayans shared a sentimental post about fatherhood as Shawn turned 21.

“As much as i have accomplished in my career i will truly say God’s greatest gift has been my children,” he wrote alongside a throwback photo of them. “My baby boy is turning 21 today and i am so proud of the human and the spirit this young man has. @shawnwayansss you’re a natural born leader. You’re handsome, kind, humble, confident, sweet, aloof as f---, funny, charming lovable and most of all honorable.”

“You’re not just my son but my most trusted confidant and now we can truly be best friends,” he continued. “Great things are waiting for you in this lifetime son. And I’ll be here all the way to love you through it all. Even if God takes me… I’m still watching you. I’m always on your shoulder, in your thoughts but always in your heart. Love you for life son. Happiest bday baby boy.”

In addition to accompanying his father at various premieres, Shawn has hit the road with his dad for a few of his comedy specials. In September 2023, he shared a cute photo of him hugging Shawn after his special in Dallas, noting the “best part was to perform in front of my son @shawnwayansss and his friends.”

A year prior, he reflected on getting to perform in front of Shawn in Las Vegas, writing, “My son came to vegas to watch his Dad murder the stage @mresortspacasino he said ‘Dad that was your funniest hour I’ve seen’. That made my heart smile. I know the sense of pride he felt when i got that standing o. Love you… I’ve always work hard to make my family proud.”

Like Wayans, Shawn clearly knows how to laugh at himself as he posts silly videos on TikTok. In September 2022, Wayans posted a funny video of him and his son as they rated his outfits. “I love just hanging out with this dude… he gets a kick out of me for some reason,” he captioned the clip before adding, “My son is the cool i never could b.”

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