Married at First Sight UK 2023: Are Shona and Brad still together?

MAFS stars Shona and Brad
MAFS stars Shona and Brad (Channel 4)

The new season of Married At First Sight UK is well underway on E4, and we are loving getting to know this year's fresh batch of couples.

Monday night's episode saw yet another pair of singletons walk down the aisle, but this time it was performing arts teacher Shona and model Brad.

The couple locked eyes for the first time at the altar and sparks were immediately flying, with Shona even admitting she was "in love" while chatting with her friends at the wedding reception. But are the pair still together now? Keep reading for all we know…

Who is MAFS UK star Shona?

MAFS star Shona
Shona is a performing arts teacher (Channel 4)

Shona is a 31-year-old performing arts teacher from Nottingham.

She describes herself as a true free spirit and won't hold back from speaking her mind. As for her hobbies, she recently got into spirituality and Yoga.

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Following a number of failed relationships, Shona is keen for the experts to help her break the cycle of whirlwind flings.

Sharing her hopes for the experiment, Shona told Channel 4: "My happily ever after would be for him and I to go through the experiment and really try and grow together."

Who is MAFS UK star Brad?

MAFS star Brad
Brad is a model from Grimsby (Channel 4)

Brad is a Grimsby-based model.

The 31-year-old falls quickly into relationships. He's a firm believer that people only fall in love three times in life, so he's hoping that he'll strike third time lucky on MAFS UK.

Ahead of joining the experiment, Brad told Channel 4: "I trust the experts with all my heart that they have matched me well."

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Are Shona and Brad still together?

Filming for season eight of MAFS UK wrapped up earlier this year, so the couples have already decided whether or not they would stay together beyond the experiment.

Given the new season has only been on our screens for a week, this year's contestants have remained tight-lipped on whether their romances have been successful.

Brad and Shona share a kiss after tying the knot
Brad and Shona share a kiss after tying the knot (Channel 4)

However, both Shona and Brad have posted about the show on their respective Instagram pages and Shona's captions suggest that she had a positive experience.

In one post, the teacher shared a few snaps from her and Brad's big day, writing in the caption: "Newly weds. What a day."

In a follow-up post, she penned: "Didn't feel like strangers," adding several emojis, including a pink heart, stars and a planet.

While we may not know whether Shona and Brad's relationship lasted beyond the experiment, we do know that viewers are rooting for the pair.

Taking to Twitter, now X, during Monday night's episode, one person wrote: "Shona and Brad make a really good looking couple #mafsuk," while another added: "Brad and Shona are such a good match finally they got it right #MAFSUK."

A third fan commented: "Shona and Brad are absolutely wonderful, she's adorable, he's fabulous. Hope they're still together."

Are any of the MAFS UK 2023 couples still together?

Again, we don't know. Only time will tell if any of the marriages have lasted. However, Nathanial Valentino has hinted that his relationship with clinic consultant Ella goes downhill over the course of the series.

MAFS star Nathanial
MAFS star Nathanial spoke out about his time on the show (Channel 4)

In a video shared to his Instagram Stories last week, the Manchester-based events marketing manager said he "couldn't wait to tell the truth" about what happened on the show. Watch his video below.