Martha Stewart Gives a Lesson in Achieving the Perfect Pouty Lip, Shampoo Bowl Selfie

Over the last few years, we've reached the general consensus that Martha Stewart is the queen of Haute Instagram selfies. The pouty lip goddess recently blessed us with a shampoo bowl selfie that has us questioning our angles.

Stewart snapped up her experience on Instagram at the Frederic Fekkai salon, either pre or post-shampoo. As a male beauty editor, I rarely wash my invisible XXL tresses professionally. Still, on the occasions that I have, I was most likely in my least attractive state. The icon captioned the photo, "Lying in the shampoo area of the @FredericFekkai and the light was perfect for a new selfie." And she told us no lies. Stewart also mentioned that her glowing skin was also due to partaking in a "mostly dry January." Taking the selfie to the next level, the star even made her IG profile pic the internet-breaking selfie. (Top tier diva status.)

For thee Martha Stewart, one selfie wouldn't do. She followed up the moment with another feature: a three-part swipe through which she looked absolutely breathtaking. Let's go, Stewart. Catch more of her shampoo selfies ahead.