Martha Stewart's Pool Selfie Is an Instant Beauty Classic

April Long
·2 min read
Photo credit: Instagram/@marthastewart48
Photo credit: Instagram/@marthastewart48

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Martha Stewart’s Instagram feed has been a constant stream of unselfconscious best-life-living throughout lockdown, but on Tuesday the lifestyle media mogul and former model might have outdone herself. Posed on the edge of her gleaming turquoise East Hampton pool, her chin tilted coyly as though channeling the spirit of classic bathing beauties, the 78-year-old looked resplendently beautiful—and, many commenters noted, utterly ageless.

What, we all asked, is her secret?

Stewart has spoken openly about her full-blown beauty junkie ways, and has admitted to trying Botox. Her typical beauty regimen involves multiple cleansers (she loves Maro Badescu), rigorous and regular exfoliation, a roster of serums (shout out to Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, one of her favorites), a layer of non-negotiable SPF, and twice daily use of a rich moisturizer such as Crème de la Mer.

In the Covid era, however, she has scaled down: A post in April warned followers not to “attempt any frivolous ‘fixes’ during this time,” and recommended sticking to a streamlined beauty routine: washing, conditioning, and air-drying hair; keeping nails tidy and hands hydrated.

“Tinted sunscreen is good all day, and lip gloss of course,” she wrote. And naturally the famous multi-tasker is also a multi-masker: “Apply masks two or three times a week! If you can find CBD masks and serums use those.”

Whatever maintenance Stewart has been doing, it’s clearly working: Despite downing Martha-ritas and catching sun working in her vast and abundant gardens, she emanates glowing good health. In the instantly iconic pool photo, she’s also playfully sporting a subtly throwback 60s makeup look, with pink frosted lips, lilac eyeshadow, mascara, perfectly groomed brows, and flawless skin (all matched with multi-karat earrings, because why not?).

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