Mary Trump hits Florida judge for potential delay in docs trial: ‘Clearly in the tank for Donald’

Mary Trump, former President Trump’s niece, took a swing at the judge overseeing her uncle’s trial in relation to the handling of classified documents in a video posted Friday.

“In Florida, in the trial of the classified documents, the situation is much worse,” Trump said in the video posted to her Substack, “The Good in Us.” “Donald’s personal pocket judge Aileen Cannon, continues to protect her favorite defendant, at all costs.”

“[T]his woman is clearly in the tank for Donald, and she’s tipping her hand at practically every opportunity to show one, her contempt for the prosecution, and two, her clear desire to push this trial back as much as possible, so that it won’t interfere with Donald’s chance of getting reelected,” Trump later continued.

Cannon has floated a possible delay for the former president’s trial in the Mar-a-Lago documents case, noting possible schedule problems with his multiple prosecutions. She has appeared ready to agree with former President Trump’s lawyers in their ask to move the trial later, which is currently slated for May, saying she “has a hard time seeing how realistically this [current schedule] would work[.]”

She also highlighted 1.3 million pages of evidence in the case given to the defense team by prosecutors alongside thousands of hours of security video shot at Trump’s resort. Prosecutors want to keep the set date.

“I am not quite seeing a level of understanding on your part to these realities,” Cannon said to prosecutor Jay Bratt, a member of special counsel Jack Smith’s team.

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