Maryland signee can kick ridiculously long field goals with both legs

(screenshots via Joseph Petrino’s Twitter)

Future Maryland kicker Joseph Petrino can kick a longer field goal with his off leg than 99 percent of the population can with their dominant legs.

Petrino, a two-star recruit from Richmond Hills, Georgia, signed with Maryland in the early signing period on Wednesday. In September, he posted a video of himself kicking back-to-back long field goals with each leg. And since he’s now a college football signee, we figured we’d show them to you now.

Here’s the right-footed kick from 60 yards out.

(via Twitter)

And here’s the left-footed kick from 50 yards away.

(via Twitter)

Yeah, it’s a bit different when opposing players are rushing forward and trying to block a kick, but that’s still incredibly impressive. And Maryland can at least take solace in the fact that if a field goal attempt with Petrino goes haywire, he could kick it with either leg.

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