'The Masked Dancer' - when is it on TV? Who are the judges? All you need to know

The Masked Dancer logo
The Masked Dancer is back. (ITV)

The Masked Dancer is set to make its return to TV for a second season, with a top secret cast of celebrities donning outlandish costumes.

Viewers will also see a new judge on the panel this series, as well as the show's first ever contestant duo.

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Here's all you need to know about the new series of The Masked Dancer.

When is The Masked Dancer season 2 on TV?

The Masked Dancer is back for season two of the mystery celebrity dance contest on Saturday, 3 September at 6.30pm on ITV.

Although the first season of the show aired nightly over a week, this time it will air in a weekly Saturday teatime slot.

Who are The Masked Dancer season 2 judges?

The Masked Dancer judges
There's a new judge on the panel. (ITV)

Get ready for a new panel of judges in this series as comedian Mo Gilligan, who also judges The Masked Singer, had touring commitments so is taking the season off.

He'll be replaced by former footballer Peter Crouch, known for his robot dancing skills.

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Crouch said: "It's madness. Completely different to anything that I've ever done before. My kids love the show. I played football for England and Liverpool, I played in Cup finals, played in the Premier League and played in World Cups but my kids, the only thing they want to talk to me about is The Masked Dancer."

Peter Crouch
Peter Crouch joins the show. (ITV)

However, Gilligan will be back as a guest judge for one episode and his co-stars Davina McCall, Oti Mabuse and Jonathan Ross are all returning.

McCall said: "A three year old loves it and an 80 year old loves it. There are not many shows that everybody can hand on heart sit down in front of the television and say we all love this programme as a family...there are some amazing performances and one that was so beautiful it made me cry."

Who hosts The Masked Dancer?

Joel Dommett
Joel Dommett is back to host. (ITV)

Comedian Joel Dommett is also back for another series as host.

He said: "It's really incredible and the names are bigger and better than ever."

Dommett added: "Pearly King is my absolute favourite. They're really good and embrace the whole character. It's amazing and what makes this show wonderful is that it's not really in any way a talent show. You can be an amazing singer or dancer, but Pearly King isn’t the best dancer by country mile but he's embracing it and courts the audience, he’s really enjoying it and I think that can get you really far."

Who are The Masked Dancer season 2 contestants?

The Masked Dancer
The costumes are as outlandish as ever. (ITV)

Of course, the identities of the masked dancers are a closely guarded secret, but the characters have been announced.

This series will feature the first ever contestant duo, with Pillar and Post dancing together.

The Masked Dancer
Who's that behind the mask? (ITV)

Characters also include Onomatopoeia, Tomato Sauce, Sea Slug and Scissors.

Others have been unveiled as Cactus, Astronaut, Candlestick and Pearly King.

Completing the line-up are Pig, Prawn Cocktail and Odd Socks.

Jonathan Ross with duo Pillar and Post. (ITV)
Jonathan Ross with duo Pillar and Post. (ITV)

Jonathan Ross said: "There are some really lovely costumes that catch the eye. Sea Slug, I know when you say Sea Slug you don't think it's going to be very pretty, but Sea Slug is very glamorous, very sexy and very sophisticated. I think viewers will love Sea Slug.

"Scissors is amazing. They have an amazing physique and an amazing physicality about them and the costume is really slinky and fun. One of my favourites this year is Pig. Pig is such a sweet, lovely costume. There is such a lovely energy about the way Pig dances. Tomato Sauce is cute and flirty and has got a little twirly skirt on and throws a few signature moves.

"There's so many great characters. Astronaut is the one I think probably had the hardest costume to dance with, because it's like a big thick Astronaut suit, but they did a great job as well."

The Masked Dancer begins on Saturday at 6.30pm on ITV.

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