'The Masked Singer' Fans Were Totally Right About The Rhino's Identity

Leah Rocketto

From Woman's Day

And then there were three. The Rhino was eliminated on The Masked Singer on May 13, taking the final four to the final three. And even though the person under the Rhino mask isn't known as much for being a singer, he held his own from 18 contestants all the way down to four. So who was the celebrity singing as the Rhino all season? Just ask Jenny McCarthy or Ken Jeong, who actually got this one right. Of course, the fans guessed his identity long before the judges did, but Jeong deserves this win too. It happens so rarely for him that he guesses correctly.

Who is the Rhino on The Masked Singer?

When the Rhino's mask came off, baseball star Barry Zito was under it. And though many may know him as a pro pitcher, Zito is also a very good singer. He even co-wrote a song called "Butterflies," which harkens back to a Rhino clue package with butterflies in it. Plus, he has an album called No Secrets. Singing is not just a hobby for Zito, so it's no wonder he made it as far as he did.

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All season long, the judges guessed many identities for the Rhino, including Tim Tebow, Jason Aldean, Sam Hunt, and Tim McGraw. But the Rhino's sheer size made much more sense after learning that 6'2" Zito was under the mask. Tons of other clues from the Rhino's video packages also hinted to Zito all season. It was these clues that helped fans figure out his identity early on.

One of the Rhino's clues was about about "giants," and baseball player Barry Zito once played for the San Francisco Giants. As for the "Missouri with a crown on top" clue, his wife is the former Miss Missouri, Amber Marie Seyer. This is one of the clues that judge Jenny McCarthy latched onto when she finally guessed Zito. As for Ken Jeong, he theorized that the boat captain hat was a Navy reference and he dove deep to guess that it was Zito based on Zito's one episode appearance on the Navy show J.A.G. Host Nick Cannon thought Jeong was way off base with his J.A.G. obsession, but he turned out to be right. Cannon even apologized for doubting Jeong.

As for the Grand Ole Opry clue, fans had previously thought it could point to a country singer, but it's worth noting that Zito once played a charity softball game where one team represented the Opry. He also lives in Nashville, Tennessee, which explains the Tennessee flag clue.

In the May 6 pre-performance package, the Rhino focused on his family: specifically his wife and kids. Zito married his wife Amber in 2011. The couple welcomed their first son, Mars, in 2014. Three years later, they adopted their second child, Mercer. And, days before his final performance, Zito and his wife welcomed a third son. His first kid, Mars, actually was referenced in one of the clues about "Planet Mars," which was also a nod to the baseball player's nickname Planet Zito.

Fans also caught clues about a pitcher (like the kind tea is served from) and sliders (like the burger), which are also baseball references. The three quarters shown were meant to represent 75, which is Zito's number. And the number nine in the clue package was a nod to him being the ninth draft pick when he started in the MLB. Basically, the clues were staring us in the face all season, so of course the fans caught on quickly. It just took the judges a little longer to get on board. But now we all know the Rhino's identity on The Masked Singer, and we — like Ken Jeong — are vindicated in knowing we were right.

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