Matt Murray going above and beyond for Maple Leafs

Matt Murray has given the Maple Leafs a boost with his performances in net since returning from a month out injured.

Video Transcript

- Matt Murray's been magnificent. It's a fun thing to say. But all kidding aside, I mean, like, all of last season when the gamble of Kyle Dubas trading for Matt Murray was, can he give the Leafs average goaltending? And he's gone above and beyond that.

He looks steady, he looks calm, he looks comfortable-- even when there are moments where they're like flurries and chaos in front of him, he's still making stops. He's making those great saves. Speaking of that, Leafs fans, we need to give Matt Murray a chant. And I don't know what it is. We need to give him something like, "Murr" or "Murrr." I don't know, we need to figure something out because Matt Murray is deserving of our chants when he makes those big saves, which he has been.

Granted, the team has been better in front of him as well, but it's been the perfect combination of better improved defense and great play from Matt Murray. And yeah, you know, the whole, like, oh, the book is on Matt Murray scoring and glove side.

Yeah, OK, that's the same thing he was going through in Pittsburgh. But, he's finding ways to fight through it, and he's giving the Leafs a chance to win every single game. The three games in a row he's played, as of late, he has never been the reason why things have gone South, never.

He's making the saves. Again, he's getting the goal support for the most part and it's all coming together perfectly. And it's awesome. I don't know about you. And I actually know, that's not true. I do know, a lot of you, a lot of us, a lot of Leafs fans were very hesitant and concerned about whether a tandem of Matt Murray and Ilya Samsonov could work. And even though Samsonov is still a little injured right now, at least, on Matt Murray's end, it's looking pretty great.