Matthew Wright criticises Jeremy Kyle for his interview with Ghislaine Maxwell

‘Don’t give her a platform’

Matthew Wright has apparently been sacked from TalkRadio (Credit: PA)
Matthew Wright has hit out at Jeremy Kyle for interviewing Ghislaine Maxwell. (PA)

Matthew Wright has criticised Jeremy Kyle for interviewing convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell on his TalkTV show.

In her first interview from prison, Maxwell discussed her relationships with Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein.

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Appearing on This Morning, Wright said: "You don’t give a platform to convicted sex traffickers or abusers, that is a disgraceful piece of journalism."

He added: "One of the things that we know about people that have been convicted of crimes is that normally what they say can’t be trusted, and yet you’re giving an uncritical platform to a sex abuser. I am sickened and disgusted."

Matthew Wright criticised Jeremy Kyle for giving Ghislaine Maxwell a platform. (TalkTV)
Matthew Wright criticised Jeremy Kyle for giving Ghislaine Maxwell a platform. (TalkTV)

Wright continued to criticise Kyle for giving Maxwell a platform after she was convicted: "It’s like super rich people who have attempted to evade justice for as long as she did, are a special case and they’re allowed to pipe out their ridiculous excuses."

Kyle did discuss his interview with Maxwell before it aired, particularly how she never apologises to any of her victims: "There is no part of any of this where she apologises to her victims. For me, they are the first and most important thing we should think about, the people who were trafficked, the young girls who were taken advantage of."

Ghislaine Maxwell on Jeremy Kyle: Ghislaine Behind Bars. (TalkTV)
Ghislaine Maxwell on Jeremy Kyle: Ghislaine Behind Bars. (TalkTV)

During the interview, Maxwell discussed how she didn't like prison food, talked about meeting former President Bill Clinton and her regrets about meeting Epstein.

Last year, the former socialite was found guilty of enticing minors and sex trafficking underrage girls for Epstein. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison and is awaiting trial for further offences relating to lying under oath about Epstein's abuse of children.

Maxwell is also known to have a long-lasting friendship with Prince Andrew and introduced the royal to the deceased billionaire.

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