Max Verstappen Wins Tenth Straight GP, Claims Sole Record

f1 italian grand prix 2023
Verstappen Wins Tenth Straight, Claims Sole RecordNurPhoto - Getty Images

Max Verstappen has won his tenth consecutive Formula 1 grand prix, breaking a tie with Sebastian Vettel for the most in history. The record was extended with a win on Sunday at Monza, extending a record that started in Miami four months ago.

The race will look familiar to anyone that has watched Verstappen this year: Another team, in this case Ferrari, seemed ready to match up with Red Bull all weekend, taking pole and even leading a few laps at the beginning. Ferrari's Carlos Sainz Jr. looked prepared early to fight Verstappen all day long, but the Red Bull got ahead during a cycle of stops and the soon-to-be three-time champion never looked back.

Verstappen's tenth win is also the 15th straight for Red Bull, four more wins than the former all-time record for a constructor. If Red Bull can win the next eight races, they will have the first perfect season in the long history of the category.

While that record is impressive, what may be more impressive is how easy this has all looked. Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes have all closed their gap on the team, and each has taken a turn looking like they could threaten the title favorites in individual races, but none has actually left Verstappen and teammate Sergio Perez stressed in the final stint of an event. The perfect season looks more possible than ever, but the RB19 has already entered the realm of immortality even if the team does not win again this season. Verstappen and the Red Bull team have already written their name in history

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