Mayim Bialik calls out United Airlines employee 'who shut the boarding gate in my face'

Mayim Bialik didn’t exactly have an enjoyable experience attempting to fly the friendly skies.

The Big Bang Theory star called out an employee of United Airlines after the woman refused to let her on the plane. On Twitter Sunday, Bialik blasted the “flight attendant who shut the boarding gate” in her face after she “saw my carry-on suitcase.” (Bialik probably meant to call out the gate agent, not flight attendant.)

The 43-year-old actress tagged United in a follow-up tweet, writing, “This is about humanity. She didn’t even say she was sorry. I’m sorry I flew your airline.” United replied, although it’s unclear if any direct messages were exchanged.

But Bialik continued to vent publicly, wondering why her “little suitcase” couldn’t fit on the flight. Apparently, her first-class ticket granted her no favors.

Bialik lamented how five people standing with her, all with carry-on luggage, were let on the plane, but she wasn’t. “Maybe she just doesn’t like The Big Bang Theory,” she quipped.

The actress aired her grievances on Instagram, too.

“Maybe she was having a bad day. Maybe she hates women who look like they’re going to cry,” she wrote. “Now my suitcase is broken from running so hard and aggressively, my asthma is super angry and random people think I’m a prima donna because as she shut the door I said ‘I have a first class seat!’ I didn’t mean I deserve it more, I meant can my suitcase sit in my first class seat and I’ll sit anywhere else?”

Or maybe the employee is just really peeved that the hit CBS show is in its final season.

United booked Bialik on the next flight from Houston to Los Angeles and is reviewing what happened.

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