McDavid on Game 1: 'Just not good enough'

Connor McDavid says the Oilers weren't good enough from the start in Game 1 of their Western Conference Final series with the Colorado Avalanche.

Video Transcript

CONNOR MCDAVID: A similar start to our last series, ultimately. Obviously, just weren't good enough from the start. Game gets away from us, and then obviously, we battle back and make it a hockey game at the end, but just not good enough from the start. Yeah.

- Connor, just here to your left. They're a fast team. You're a fast team, you like to play the fast games, but were they even faster than you guys expected early? Did they come out surprising you guys?

CONNOR MCDAVID: They're a real good team. They're quick, like you said. We expected that. It was-- they had a good start. We didn't have a great start. And we got the first goal, but we were a little bit on our heels there right from the get go. So, real similar to our last series.

- Left side, Robbie.

- Connor, your team kind of down the stretch made its bones on structure, and defense, and winning close games, closing things out. In the playoffs, you've had a few of these Wild West shootouts. Is that something that's just a byproduct of having to come from behind or is it something that's getting away from you that needs to be changed?

CONNOR MCDAVID: It's probably a little bit of both there. You know, obviously, we're down 7-3, or whatever it was there, and we got to open it up and we got to take some chances. You know, so, maybe it gives it that run and gun feel. That's obviously not the game we want to play.

Just not good enough all over. It's something-- something. A lot of stuff that-- a lot of stuff that we can clean up. A lot of stuff that was self-inflicted.

Like I said, they're a real good team. You give them chances, they're going to bear down and score. So, we got to defend. At the same time, we found a way to get 6. So, you know, it was real similar to game one last year.

- Front left.

- Yeah, I'll address this to Mike. I'm not sure if you saw this on entry, but were you surprised at the goal, third goal, by Cale Makar was allowed. And can you explain maybe how it changed the course of the game for you guys?

- I honestly had no idea it was even close, to be honest. So, I-- I didn't really get a good look at it. So, I'm not sure.

- Mike, just-- just how do you assess your performance tonight? I mean, getting pulled is not what anybody wants, but-- but what did you see out there from--

- I mean, that's pretty-- you nailed it. When you're on the bench halfway through the game, it's not a good sign. Saying that, I mean, it's one game and we've been in this position before. So, you park it and move on. It's a long series.

- Front right, Mark.

- I guess I'd ask you. You've been around a long time, seen a million different things, and you watched some of this one from the bench. Just the spectacle of what happened tonight. This was the 7-3 game that was-- they're facing off with a minute and a 1/2 to go, and it was 7-6. Can you put into perspective sort of what we saw tonight and just all the things that happened?

- No, obviously, we don't like game ones of series. But that being said, we're a resilient group that-- that doesn't just roll over and die. That's an encouraging part. Obviously, when you're giving up touchdowns in the last two series as in game one, I think it's not a good sign.

But I think it shows a lot about our team that when we're down, we're not out of the fight, and we'll continue to battle right to the end, and play for each other. So, obviously, that's a good sign, but lots to clean up.

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