McDonald's employee reveals what really goes into strawberry banana smoothies: 'Enjoy'

A McDonald’s worker is showing people what really goes into making some of the franchise’s beverages.

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TikToker @heydij01 has a series “What you actually eat at McDonald’s” that regularly racks up hundreds of thousands of views. Whether she’s divulging the process behind the Sweet Tea or the Hazelnut Iced Coffee, people are intrigued by what’s in their favorite orders.

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In one video from the series, the Mickey D’s employee revealed the store’s “Strawberry Banana Real Fruit Smoothies” run a little light on the fresh strawberries and bananas, apparently.

Despite it being called a “smoothie,” there’s no blender used. Instead, a machine dispensed a strawberry liquid, a banana liquid and ice into a cup. Then, it blended the three ingredients together to create the smoothie.

Not exactly glamorous, but hey, it’s how the McDonald’s magic works. Although the company isn’t necessarily being dishonest. It appears the liquids in the drink are purées of each fruit.

“Get a taste of real strawberry and banana purée blended to perfection with ice. Enjoy it with or without yogurt in small, medium and large,” McDonald’s menu states.

While the video racked up 5.2 million views, no one in the comment section seemed too surprised they weren’t getting fresh fruit.

“Whaaaat you mean McDonald’s doesn’t cut up fresh fruit for every smoothie?” someone said sarcastically.

“At my McDonald’s we just have a smoothie mix already done and it get blended in a blender,” a user commented.

“Wow I thought it was pre-mixed this kinda seems like a process,” another added.

“I trust a machine way more than any of my local workers to make it,” a person joked.

“Respectfully, I use to work as a manager at McDonald’s. When we clean the machines every other week, we find mold, sometimes bugs. Enjoy,” a TikToker replied.

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