• B
    Are they expecting it will be packed with gold coins?
  • S
    They are appropriating the Irish culture. This is not allowed. Where do we protest??????
  • D
    I know some things are bad for me. If I like something, I'll eat it anyway. The trick is not to overindulge. I might like a McDonald's shake, but I wouldn't have one every day.
  • R
    Everything McDonald's and other fast food chain is full of full, sugar, salts, etc. Try to consume their products as less as possible.
  • b
    Why not compare to other milkshakes? It's a dessert drink, it's not supposed to be healthy, it's a treat. Kind of a silly article.
  • C
    Having a shamrock shake once a year is not going to ruin your diet or your waist line
  • W
    When Doves Cry
    What else is new? They took away the only good thing they had for breakfast (OATMEAL WITH FRUIT) because it was obviously too healthy and didn't fit it with their lard meals.
  • T
    I had one yesterday... delicious!
  • P
    Cultural expropriation. That's OK because everybody deep down wants to be Irish and how can blame them.
  • M
    And what's your point?!?