Meek Mill says if he wasn't famous he'd still be in prison

Sophie Ludel
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Meek Mill appeared on CBS This Morning for his first live TV appearance since being released from prison a few weeks ago. He’d been in prison since November for probation violations stemming from a conviction on drug and firearm charges.

The rapper’s legal woes started back in 2007 when, says his lawyer, Joe Tacopina, he was arrested by “a group of officers that were … blacklisted as corrupt.”  Tacopina continued by stating that Meek should never have been convicted in the first place “because the entire case was based on a corrupt, lying … police officer who had a racial bias.” He said the “Philadelphia district attorney’s office has just acknowledged that [Meek Mill’s] conviction, because of constitutional violations, needs to be overturned.”

After the public’s support for Meek’s release, he was able to get out on probation, but as he says, this wouldn’t be the same for everyone.  If it weren’t for all these powerful people, including celebrities like Jay-Z and Kevin Hart, Meek says he “would be in prison.” The rapper continued by stating that “this happens to minorities on a daily basis where they don’t have a voice.”

Now Meek is trying to make a difference and help influence prison reform. “If I could save one, or if I could save a million people, is enough for me.” The 31-year-old continued by saying that God put him in this position: “I look at it as I was a sacrifice.”

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