Meet Cancer, the Zodiac's emotional chatterbox: The sign's personality traits, months

Cancer is one of the Zodiac's summer signs. So, it's fitting that it is symbolized by the crab and falls under the water element group.

Despite their hard-shelled exterior, Cancers are big softies on the inside.

As a result, Cancers sometimes let personal irritations or joys influence their mindset, making those born under the sign incredibly nuanced individuals, says astrologer Wade Caves.

Here's a guide to Cancers' key traits, including their approach to relationships and careers, as well as strengths and weaknesses.

Cancer dates

Cancer season spans from June 22 to July 22.

Cancer traits, personality

Similar to the preceding sign, Gemini, Cancers love change, Caves explains. Those born under the sign enjoy traveling often.

"It's important to them to be in communities where there's a lot of exchange of people," Caves adds.

Just like their symbol, the crab, Cancers prefer places where they can quietly withdraw into their shell to be in communion with their thoughts.

Cancers also thrive when living near bodies of water, says Caves. After all, they are a water sign.

Cancers are often stereotyped as overly emotional, but Caves counters that all signs are emotional. Cancers might just be more willing to listen to and display those feelings.

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Cancers are natural leaders, being astute businesspeople, Caves says. Those born under the sign can easily evaluate the day's needs and move toward action.

"They are inherently ambitious," he adds. "You're going to find a Cancer type mentality anywhere where the dream and the idea is to expand or to grow."

Cancers flourish in environments where there is a lot of communication and different points of contact. "You will often find them at the head of change initiatives or leading small teams," explains Caves.

They do, however, struggle with stamina and don't take on projects for prolonged periods.

"(Cancers) tend to shine in scenarios where they can kick something off and then continue to inspire, but not necessarily have to be the one to sit with every last little detail of executing," Caves adds.

Cancer compatibility

Cancers are chatterboxes, being talkative in any relationship, whether platonic or romantic. They can't be quiet for too long and don't like being shut down. They definitely don't want to be shamed either, says Caves.

"I think Cancer is very aware that sometimes there's a naivety that comes with their exuberance and the brightness," he explains. "They can feel really easily knocked back if, for any reason, they're made to feel ridiculous," he says.

If a Cancer feels judged in a relationship, they may become withdrawn. "They're afraid of feeling any kind of semblance of embarrassment or shame," Caves adds.

Cancers want to dive deeper in relationships, taking issue with connections that feel too transactional, says Caves.

The signs most compatible with Cancer include its water counterparts, Scorpio and Pisces, as well as earth signs Virgo and Taurus.

But the relationship between a Cancer and Taurus is unique, says Caves.

"There's a special relationship between Cancer and Taurus where there’s really good flow of energy between those two," he reveals. "It's one of the best kind of celestial combos you can get."


Cancers are not the type to sit idly by, Caves says. They spring into action when something needs to be done.

They are excellent leaders and can relate easily to others. They communicate well and are "ideas people," Caves adds.

Thanks to their desire for change, Cancers are also very ambitious and love to explore new places.

Since they are emotionally driven, Cancers also have an innate understanding of themselves.


Being led by your emotions isn't always a bad thing, but sometimes Cancers' feelings can blind them.

For instance, Cancers might let their sensitivity get the best of them. In business settings, they could ruminate over projects that were scrapped, wondering why the company isn't utilizing them better, Caves says.

Cancers can get bored easily in the workplace.

Cancers' emotions may also cloud reason, causing them to zero in on their own reaction versus a situation's actuality.

Cancers also occasionally struggle with vulnerability and opt to retract into their shell, Caves says, for fear of being hurt or humiliated by someone.

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