Meet the first transgender man to front a campaign about periods

Jessica Ankomah
<i>Photo via Pink Parcel</i>
Photo via Pink Parcel

A transgender man has become the first to front a campaign about periods, after receiving his menstrual cycle up until the age of 17.

Kenny Jones, from North West London, says he struggled with his periods as he began transitioning from a woman to a man after coming out at 14-year-old.

The British model shaved his head and changed his name at age 16 — but up until he started using hormone blockers, Jones still had a monthly period.

Detailing the transition, Kenny says he felt “shame” and “embarrassment” about having a period while living as a man.

Today, the model has made history fronting the I’m On campaign by Pink Parcel alongside female celebrities like fashion designer Olivia Rubin and writer Dolly Alderton, to try and end the stigma around periods.

While transgender issues are becoming more broadly discussed, Jones says that menstruation is something that is rarely talked about amongst other transgender men.

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“It’s something that’s not talked about. I’ve never had a discussion with another trans man about periods and it’s quite weird to think that considering it’s a normal thing to go through at the end of the day,” he said.

“It’s a very strange stigma that we shouldn’t talk about it and I think that’s a bad thing. It should be put in a positive light and say it’s OK to talk about things,” he continued. “It’s just a natural part of who we are, a normal body function.”

“During my transition I did have to deal with experiencing periods each month and the embarrassment and feelings of shame that can come with it.”

<i>Images via Pink Parcel/Youtube</i>
Images via Pink Parcel/Youtube

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“That’s never easy, for a man or woman, to have to deal with. Periods are something that women often struggle to talk about, and growing up while I was transitioning, I often felt like if they couldn’t talk about it, I definitely couldn’t.”

Jone says he is prepared for the backlash as a trans male fronting a campaign about a very feminine issue, says he only wants to spread positivity.

He said: “I like making history. I want to encourage people to have open conversations about these kind of things and it think the reaction from the public will be quite funny.”

“If you have a negative comment or you don’t think transgender people are worth or should be a part of this, then you’re not living in today’s century.”